A History of Miniatures

Two and a half decades ago (late 80’s) I began collecting an assortment of metal figures (or miniatures) for various games, primarily Dungeons and Dragons. Some figures came with board games, or figures that got my interest in the shops (I bought three dragons in about 1987), or part of something like a toy set related to a book/movie/game, etc. The idea of using the figures with games was a great one, but rarely would I have a suitable figure to do anything with, so I just collected them. I probably had some thoughts about painting them, but time, skills and materials weren’t as suitable as I would have desired.

In the 90’s, (when playing Warhammer Quest) my figure collection expanded greatly when I started getting (mostly plastic) figures from Games Workshop. I did a little bit of painting then, not necessarily very well, and with a limited range of paints.

Late in the 00’s years (maybe 2008) I discovered the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures – and I could start collecting pre-painted figures to represent the characters and NPC’s in my restarted (3rd Ed) D&D campaign, and more importantly – the monsters. By this stage I also had figures for board games like DungeonQuest, and for the Star Wars RPG.

I’ve also been collecting Dragons. I’ve got over 40 Dragons – in ceramic, metal, coal, plastic, resin, jade, stone, and a glass one in a bottle! They range in size from 15mm high to 34cm tall. (The largest ones aren’t miniatures!)


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