Painting 2.0 – Here be Dragons…

In about 1987 I purchased three boxed Dragons in the “Dragon Lords” series by Grenadier.

  • 9601  Black Dragon II
  • 9602  Red Dragon II
  • 9607  Blue Dragon II

Each had a small human figure (priest, wizard, sorcessess) and an iconic chromatic D&D dragon, that was in 5 or 6 pieces. On occasion over the following years I used one or two of them – usually incomplete or partially held together with blue-tac – in a game. These are quite good looking sculpts with very nice detail. I’m sorry that I didn’t buy a Green and a White at the same time.

November 2013:

Finally I decided my next miniatures project was to assemble and paint these three dragons.

Cleaning up the figures, to remove flash and mould lines, and checking joints so that the wings in particular would fit together took a while. The red dragon in particular took extra work – on each side, the front arm/leg and wing are meant to slot into a hole next to each other with the wing edge also going into a notch along the body. Neither wing was going to sit firmly and both “hole” and joints required a bit of shaving to get the right fit. I was also very pleased to have some putty in the garage which was great for filling in the slight gaps around the wing joints.

Once glued and dried, I undercoated each one and set them aside. They already looked very good. I did note that I’d glued the black dragon’s horns on the wrong way around… but didn’t feel like trying to remove them and re-glue. I simply bent them around to the shape I wanted them in.

I spent time considering colour schemes and looking at all my rule books with dragon images. It was very interesting to see the change in appearance of these dragons (and the other colours) over the different D&D editions. These three figures show 1st and 2nd edition versions.

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