Painting 2.1 – The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon has always been my favourite of these three figures. It was the easiest to assemble – two wings, one arm, horns. All slotted neatly into the “holes” in the body with little or no filing or trimming. I would have liked to have the wings a bit further apart, but that would have taken extra work that I didn’t feel confident trying.

The figure is 8cm high and 9cm long. The main body and wing edges are a standard black.  I first painted the wings with grey, then went over that with black and dark green. Scales over the spine are a mid gray, slightly darkened with black dry-brushing of the edges. Belly scales were the same grey, but then given a light purple wash. Horns and wings tips are grey, claws silver.

The two photos were taken close together – but one was in bright light and the other more in shadow. The brighter light makes the greys look silver. The texture of the scales looks great when there’s light to reflect from them.

2013-12-14 Black Dragon-1 2013-12-14 Black Dragon-2

3 thoughts on “Painting 2.1 – The Black Dragon

  1. I believe I have this dragon model (somewhere). Yours has turned out quite nicely – it never even occurred to me to paint him black. I started painting him green back in the day (early 90’s), never finished and then stripped at some point. I always really liked that sculpt, though. Seeing yous here makes me want to see if I can find him and paint him up.


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