Painting 2.2 – “Hey there, Mr Blue…”

Dragon number two… the Blue.

This figure is 7.5cm high (to wingtips) and about 11cm long. Both rear legs (and the base section they are on) had to be attached as well as each wing. Fairly easily done, with minor trimming to get everything to fit neatly. The main body and wing edges were done with my main blue paint. I mixed a lighter blue for the wings. Grey horns, wing spikes started grey as well, but I went over them with a light brown. Claws silver.

2013-12-28 Dragons

Belly scales are a dark sandy yellow-brown with almost a greenish tinge to it. Most of the recent images (and figures I have from D&D) use a bright yellow for the belly, but I wanted something darker.


I’m not satisfied with this dragon – at some point I’ll come back to it and do something to lighten the belly scales and do some shading on body scales. I’ll try and put some more detail or highlights into the wings too.

2 thoughts on “Painting 2.2 – “Hey there, Mr Blue…”

  1. Hey! I see you’ve started posting. And like a maniac with the updates as well! Bring this guy over next time you come past and we’ll see if we can get him to a point where you’re happy with him. I’m thinking a wash/glaze and some drybrushing on the scales would make a bit of difference and pick out that detail nicely. Are his scales metallic blue?


  2. I spent 2 nights getting my “past” painting detailed. The dragon is a general mid/bright blue. Metallic would have been nice if I’d thought of that… quite happy to bring him over and make some improvements!


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