Painting 2.3 – Brazzemal, Old Gargantuan Red Dragon

The last of my three dragons – painting was completed just in time in March 2014 for me to use him as “Brazzemal” – the great Red Dragon in the lowest level of G3 “Hall of the Fire Giant King” in my D&D Campaign. (I did my own conversion of the whole Giants Saga, from 1st Ed to 3.5) I got a great reaction from my players when I put the figure on the game table. It stands 11 cm high (to wingtips) and about 9 cm across. (In D&D this scales to about 22 feet high correctly towering over my player’s characters.)

Main body and wing edges all painted in a basic red. I did a light red coat over the wings and later mixed a darker red as a final coat. Belly scales all bright yellow, then dry brushed to edge them with orange. Claws silver, horns grey and wing barbs in black. Originally the horns were going to be black too, but I liked the look of them in grey and left them that way.

I need to do a little more work on the base, but it’s not a great concern at this time. When I’m in the right mood I’ll touch up the main body scales and if I can get a fine file I want to reshape those two front teeth! In any case, I’m very happy with the way this one came out. 🙂

2014-03-29 Red Dragon-2 2014-03-29 Red Dragon-1

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