Painting 4.5 – “It’s really been getting up my nose…”

Years ago (if not a decade or more) I bought a metal troll figure – I can’t tell now if it’s Games Workshop or Ral Partha (like most of my other metal mini’s)…

He stands 5 cm high, and apart from being used occassionally in Warhammer Quest I haven’t had much use for him. I don’t even like the figure that much… and (like other figures, or books, that I didn’t want anymore) decided to try selling him on ebay and buy more pre-painted D&D mini’s. I decided that painting him first might increase my chances of a sale as well as (hopefully) his value. So I started to paint… months ago…

This single figure has taken longer than anything else I’ve worked on. I chose green skin because that’s what colour trolls are in my (mostly D&D influenced) thoughts. It’s worked out better than I’d expected, but I’m still not planning on keeping him!


One thought on “Painting 4.5 – “It’s really been getting up my nose…”

  1. Definitely not a GW troll, though he’s sculpted in their general style. I recognise the specific style. It might even have been a locally based (Australian) company, though one that’s since gone under. If it’s the same company I’m thinking it might be, they were active in the late 1980s and *maybe* the early 1990s. They had some decent ratmen, some turtles who may or may not have been ninjas and a few other things.


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