Painting 5.0 – “That is not dead that can eternal lie.”

That is not dead that can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.” Abd Al-Azrad 730AD.

2014-09-14 Undead-01

Okay, my painting blog is up to date and here’s my current painting project – Two dozen undead!

  • 10 Ghouls – Games Workshop (’98)
  • 9 Skeletons – 6 are Ral Patha (’85), 3 are Prince August (mid 80’s)
  • 1 Wraith with flaming sword – Ral Partha (’87)
  • 1 Vampire – Games Workshop (’85)
  • 1 Wight – Games Workshop (’85)
  • 1 Skeleton Lord (Wight) – Games Workshop (’92)
  • 1 “Mouth of Sauron” – Citadel (’85)

I’ve got the skeletal horse for the “Mouth” – I should get that out and paint it at the same time.

I wanted some reasonable Ghouls for a long time, and these were a gift from a friend. I’m very happy to be painting them finally. The rest of these will be great to have done too, then I think it’s back to character figures!

5 thoughts on “Painting 5.0 – “That is not dead that can eternal lie.”

  1. Those are my favourite ghoul sculpts. I see you’ve also strangely got the same other ghoul from the previous GW range in there that I have mixed in with these same sculpts. How amusing a coincidence. Looking forward to seeing how they paint up!


  2. Likewise, I’m a big fan of Paul Muller’s ghouls. IIRC when he left GW he sculpted ghouls in a very similar style for another company. I just can’t remember which company it was though.


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