A good day to die…

Every few weeks I get together with friends and we continue in one of the two D&D Campaigns that we have running. Last night was a session that a friend is running (I DM the other campaign) and so I was playing!

We use the Pathfinder d20 system, but draw heavily from 3rd and 3.5 editions because that’s the main material we own and are used to. We also use miniatures for nearly everything on home-made floor-plans. If I keep blogging about our sessions, I’ll start taking regular photo’s. Here’s an old image:

D&D Home-04

Low level adventurers on some of my better quality floor-plans.

I use Hero Lab* to keep track of character detail and make sure we don’t miss anything when levelling. (* NOTE: This program is the BEST gaming resource I have ever owned & used! If you are a GM/DM/Ref for any of the games it supports you should at least download and trial it.)

The basis of our adventuring group is a human Fighter (Fulcrum), a human Paladin (Lightning), a dwarven Cleric/Wizard/Mystic theurge (Barak, my character), a human Bard (Jenisky) and a elven Scout/Warmage (Fayed). Due to a rush on “Leadership” feats over the last few levels, there are also 3 cohorts (player run NPC’s) – two Fighters & a Ranger. The main characters are all 13th level, so we can both take and deal out something nasty… at least until we break our usual pattern of exploration and something unexpected happens. Last night that was TWICE!

1st Mistake – We had finished a confusing conversation/encounter with a spirit of philosophy (one of the four we have to deal with in this dungeon) and had 2 Demons (12HD Glabrezu) break into the chamber and beat us up. [This is one demon we love to hate and also one of the few I don’t have a mini for.] We’d mostly healed and our scout looked into the next room and thought he saw dwarven writing (that he can’t read). The bard followed me as I went into the room to look at the writing and just as the two of us moved away from everyone else, about eight giant slugs dropped in around everyone.

These slugs are huge, have about 100hp’s, DR 10/slash&peirce and spit 10d6 acid as a ranged-touch attack. I think now that the DM was mistakenly allowing the slugs to both make a melee AND a ranged attack each turn and so we took a heap of damage. [Orez – this means you if you’re reading!] Barak went down unconcious after fumbling his warhammer (and throwing it behind a slug) and was healed by the bard back to conciousness. With only one slug threatening the two of us, I choose to blast it with a spell rather than heal myself. (Stupid move in hindsight) Of course, I didn’t kill the slug, so it thumped me again (2d10 +12 + 2d8 acid damage). This time I was DEAD… thankfully I carry a Raise Dead scroll which with good rolls the Bard was able to cast and then after some healing and Restoration (to cancel negative levels) I was back to normal.

2nd Mistake – Fayed walked into a new room and thought he saw something at the back. Instead of calling out, he wanted a better look and four of the seven Nabasu Demons hit him with enervation spells: 10 negative levels. (So he’s suddenly got -10 penalties on everything and low hp’s) In the next few rounds, he (and others) got death-gazed and so he died and became a ghoul. So we killed him as well as the demons. Two of the characters have a single negative level and I’ll need to rest and memorise another Raise Dead!

<The DM has since reminded me that we will need ressurection – which I can’t cast – not raise dead. At least we have a heap of money to spend! >

What is one of the most common phrases in any of our gaming sessions?

“Don’t split the party!”

End note: I realised while typing this that I think we didn’t look at the writing on the wall. I wonder if it really was dwarven?