Painting 5.4 – The odd couple…

   Merry Christmas all !

It’s so nice to be past the madness of the commercial side of Christmas and the pressure of family get-togethers. Now it is just holidays, which for me is a long period to do all of the things I really enjoy and frequently don’t have time to focus on for more than a short period of time.

I’ve nearly completed my large group of Undead figures, and I felt I’d do a blog post now. The final figure is the “Mouth of Sauron” (Lord of the Rings) and I’m making up the colour scheme as I go along… plus there’s at least 50 eyes on his armour.

The Vampire was mostly painted about 4 weeks ago and just finished off over the last week. The Wraith has been done over the past week and completed this afternoon. I think the flash on my camera makes everything look a bit brighter than the colours really are, but it does bring out detail and highlights that might not be noticed otherwise.


The vampire’s upset ’cause some-one stole his shoes!

VAMPIRE: He is mostly painted with a Humbrol Turquoise – it’s not really a light blue like it appears in the images.

There’s green in the folds of the cloth and I think I gave him a bit of a black wash early on to darken the holes and “rents” in his robe. The edges of the robe – sleeves and neck – were first done in dark brown, then my basic red over the top. A bit of a brown wash to darken edges. The belt was also done with brown, then over the top in gold and then silver studs. The brooch at his throat was originally done in silver, but I wasn’t happy with the way it looked, so I put a hint of gold on that too. White over the skull, then a black wash to fill in the eye sockets and a touch of white again around the front of the skull.

I had feared that you wouldn’t be able to tell what he was holding – since unpainted (and with the skull upside down) it looked quite odd – but the detail has come out with painting! Red eyes, mouth and then white teeth, then touch ups to bits I could see needed it. As usual the photos show small details that I can go and “adjust” before a spray of varnish tomorrow – particularly the touch of red paint on the left hand and a little more flesh on the right ear. (I’ll try a wash there to detail the ear more too.)


Does the wraith keep his eyes in the back of his head?

WRAITH: I’ve really liked this figure since I bought it a couple of decades ago. I feel that I’ve now done it justice!

I had no good idea as to colours for this figure. I felt it should be dark, but I didn’t want all blacks or dark greys. I started with a pale gray (Field Stone) over the robes, then two black washes that worked really well at darkening the colour and bringing out the folds in the cloth. I then did the arm and leg wrappings (they look a bit like bandages on a mummy) in a mid-green (Viridian) and then black wash over that too. Violet on the cloak and a couple of black washes over that too. It’s really a dark matt look – not as shiny (or quite as bright) as in the images. Burnt sienna on the boots, then a black wash. I’d originally thought of making them darker, but the colours were all working for me, so they just got a grey wash to “dirty” them a little.

Mostly black inside the hood and the cloak behind the legs. I didn’t want to introduce another colour, so just used a mid grey for the gloves. Dark brown on the belt, edged with gold, white on the skulls holding the cloak and silver on the throat medallion. The silver was too similar to the white skulls, so that got a coat of gold like the belt. Bronze on the sword hilt and a touch of silver at the base of the blade.

I recalled seeing something on painting flame and spent 30 min+ this morning trawling all the figure painting blogs I follow to try and find it, and couldn’t. In the end I did a google search and found it on YouTube. Many thanks to T4G Painting Tips {Tale of 4 Geeks} and also Fantization {Steve Petry} for a guide to fire effects! Basically: white base coat, yellow, orange (I used a fluro red) then red. I’m very pleased with this as a first attempt. The sword is only 13mm long and I have to take my glasses off to paint figures {my focal point has changed and new glasses are VERY expensive), so any better detail is probably beyond me at this stage.

The photo’s show me a few more touch ups to do tomorrow and I’m not happy with the base. I might give it a flagstone effect and darken it a little – it’s a greenish-gray now (Field grey) – then edge it in black, or try to “fit” it into one of my regular 25mm circular plastic bases. It’s a metal figure and stands well on its own, but I’d like to raise it slightly higher off the ground and have a wider base.

One thought on “Painting 5.4 – The odd couple…

  1. Nice work. They’ve come up well. The sword is particularly effective and pops well from the rest of the dark model. I’ve got some “low profile” round bases I can pass on if you like. Then you can just glue the wraith onto that and build up the edges with a little bit of putty and he’ll be on the same “level” as your other figures. We should catch up for a afternoon/day of painting sometime soon, while we’re both on break and before the weather heats up too much. I haven’t done any painting since September, so something to get me motivated again would work well.


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