Painting – Drow again

I haven’t had much luck with my attempt to focus on writing. I did a lot on the long weekend, but haven’t got very far since then. Part of that relates to warm weather and work being really busy – I just haven’t felt like it when I’ve come home. I did have a great D&D Session last weekend, and I’m trying to organise another session next week while everyone remembers what’s happening.

I spent a bit of time today finishing off shields for four of my drow troops. I only planned to give shields to half the group, but I’ve got plenty of spare shields, so in future I might do another four!


Sword and shield to the front rank!

“Timber” backed (which you can’t see from the front), silvered edging and black front. Two designs – 1: red (crimson and a hint of fluoro red) with gold studs; 2: dark green with a fluoro green highlight, white skull pommel and antique gold crossbar.

I’m sure these WH figures originally came with shields, and I may have even picked the “right” ones. (They do look okay without any shield.) While each figure has an arm held up/across the body in classic shield-holding position, there isn’t a stud or smooth place on the arm that makes it easy to attach a shield. I used a little bit of a blu-tak variant (it’s yellow!) to help fill in the slight depression in the centre of the shield back and correctly place the shield, with some super glue. That seems to be holding fine and I just painted over the little bit of visible yellow later on.

Something that occurred to me while I was doing this was that a bit of blu-tak would hold the shields on neatly for gaming, and I could have a whole troop with “removable” shields.

The photography hasn’t come up the best, but one of the blogs I read this week had a guide for building your own light box (for miniature photography) and I might give that a try.


3 thoughts on “Painting – Drow again

  1. The DE are looking good. The shields with the daggers (I think) are originally goblin shields, and the ones with the Triskelion look to me like Skaven ones. Either way, you’re right – using blu-tac will offer you a lot more flexibility in their RPG encounters.


    • I’m thinking of going ahead and painting another 4 and keeping them with some blu-tak.
      You are very likely correct on the shield origins. The triskelion is certainly a WH chaos/skaven symbol and I have about two dozen skaven. I have a similar number of WH goblins, so some of my shields could be goblin (or orc). I bought the packs much too long ago to remember which came with what. I have a bunch of large “arched” shields still on their sprues – I think these were probably what came with the Dark Elves – they are similar to what GW offers now. I’ve avoided using large shields on a few figures because I don’t want to “hide” most of the figure behind the shield!


      • I’m pretty sure that the double-dagger shields are Goblin ones. Triskelions are pretty much given over to Skaven. Chaos get the 8-pointed Star and variations, as well as the 4 runes of the chaos powers (plus variations). You should post up the Arched shields. I’m sure I could identify them. But very much that you should get another 4 of these guys painted! It’s a unit, then!


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