A new photography project

On the weekend I finished the two groups of miniatures that I had been working on. The light was good on Sunday afternoon, so I took everything outside to take photographs. They seemed okay, but once loaded on my computer I found they weren’t as good as hoped for.

I decided that instead of thinking about a light-box, it was time I followed the inspiration of a few of the blogs I follow, and started to make my own. One cardboard box from work and a bunch of tissue paper sheets later I have one functional light box.

2015-04-12 Light BoxIt’s much bigger than required, but it could be used for really big figures or when I want to sell books on eBay. I have a smaller box and some more tissue ready, so the next one will be just the right size for miniatures! Then I just have to raid the desk lamps around the house and I can finally start producing consistent good quality images every time I finish painting.

2 thoughts on “A new photography project

  1. Looks good. Especially with the flat lamp. For my backgrounds I just googled “photography backgrounds” and printed from there. My Lamps are $8 Bunnings jobs as well. 🙂


    • This flat lamp is an LED one. (It was an unused sample from my wife’s company.) It gives great light for painting but I could really do with a magnifying lamp like yours! (Bunnings or Aldi if they drop the price on the one they have on sale now.) There are about three (more) desk lamps around the house so given a bit of set-up time I could light the box from top and both sides. I’ve got some light parchment paper from my stationery sales days for background now. I googled light box backgrounds on Monday night and mostly got results on light boxes themselves. I’ll try photography backgrounds this time!


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