Yet another RAFM Miniature!

Quite some time ago I painted this figure for use in our Pathfinder/D&D game. Over the last few weeks I’ve been going back over a bunch of figures that I did last year. Most of these were done when I’d just gotten back into painting and I now have a much larger selection of paints and have learnt a few new tricks. Plus, I didn’t have a can of spray varnish then!

Having recently done two RAFM Rangers, I was quite surprised to notice that this figure is another RAFM figure… only this time it’s described as “Thief with bow and sword”. (She’s being used as a ranger) Her reference code is 3906, which falls right before the previous two figures. I noted tonight from RAFM’s website that this figure isn’t available any longer, whereas the rangers are still in production.

2015-05-10 Ranger

Thief or Ranger?

The main thing I did in my touch up work was to re-base the figure – onto a 25mm round plastic base and add more rocks on the edges.  I realised when I took the photo’s that she needs a bit more work on the neck. That’s something for tomorrow.

I’ve finished another batch of figures and I’m hoping on good light tomorrow (good weather at last) to photograph them. Then I can do another post on that group.

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