(D&D) Undead anti-climax!

Well, our 3rd edition Pathfinder D&D session last night went very well.

The first round against the invisible flying dracolich started off with most characters trying to work out where it was (Perception checks) and waiting (holding their action) for something to change. There were debates over trying to cast Dispel Magic at the general area or casting Raise Dead on the Dwarf Cleric. I refused to offer opinions on the basis that my character was dead and certainly wasn’t contributing to conversation. The dracolich swooped down and attacked our Ranger so we had a better idea of where it was. Fulcrum (heavy armoured Fighter) moved closer and used a magical item to change places with the wounded Ranger.  The Paladin moved into the midst of most characters and cast an area heal that was much needed.

Finally the Bard was convinced to cast Raise Dead (from a scroll, involving Use-Magic-Device checks) to bring back the Cleric (albeit with only 15hp and 2 negative levels).  My first action was to cast a major healing spell on myself. The fighter took some hits from the dracolich and everyone waited for me to be able to act again. A well placed Greater Dispel Magic cancelled the dracolich’s invisibility and everyone proceeded to start hitting/shooting it.  The Paladin charged in, declaring a Smite Evil and killed it with one very nasty blow.

We spent a few rounds healing, searching the chamber and more healing, while hoping to locate the creatures phylactery (an item or container that holds the undead’s spirit) and our Warmage found something magical in a crevice or ledge near the ceiling on one wall. (He was flying). He focused in on its location and succeeded with a well placed disintegrate spell that destroyed it just before the spirit was about to leave and animate another dragon corpse.

While being cautious about other monsters we began to search the chambers. Apart from the huge chamber we were in, there wasn’t much else but empty tunnels. We manage to collect a fair assortment of treasure and determined that their was no sign of the creature that we had originally changed into here. The portal that got us here had closed just after we arrived, so we next had to determine our location. Thankfully we found (by careful questioning and powerful divine magic) that we were still on the same plane and in/under a mountain range a bit further north-east than where we had started. Magic (Dimension door) got us out of the mountain and careful teleporting got everyone back to Greyhawk city. The temple of WeeJas was extremely pleased to hear that we had destroyed the artefacts, and said they would try to locate the creature that escaped. Finally, it looked like we have time to sort out treasure, spend money and get a long uninterrupted rest.

The rest of the night was spent eating and drinking (players, not characters) and discussing how to use our wealth. Top of the list from everyone is obtaining a portable hole! (At least one of the players is against leaving copper pieces behind, especially when there’s hundreds of thousands of them.)

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