Painting – Barbarian v2.0

Quite some time ago I added a “Wulgar” D&D pre-painted mini to an order because I don’t have many figures that are distinct barbarians. I am a R.A. Salvatore / Drizzt fan and have a fair number of the novels (and have read others) but I hadn’t collected any of the related D&D Mini’s because they don’t suit my campaign and most of them are extremely expensive.

I was quite disappointed with the colour scheme of the figure I received – yes, the character in question is a northern barbarian from the “Icewind Dale” area, but does that mean he really has to be dressed entirely in the Forgotten Realms equivalent of Polar Bear skins!? I picked out three prepainted minis to do a little bit of work to. I haven’t photographed the other two, mostly since one was just added flesh paint to a face that had partially missed out on paint and the other was changing a cloak from grey to blue and added a little highlight to the edges of clothing. In Wulfgar’s case I did almost a full repaint.

Yellow ochre on the cloak, roan brown on the lower torso furs, dark brown on the boots, a mix of grey and mid-brown on the wrist furs, brown on the hammer handle and smoothing out flesh colours and painting one fist which was white. A bit more light grey on the pants to tidy up edges, then some brown ink to bring out detail in the hair and fill in the furs in a few places. I also repainted to hammer head to remove most of the “blood” and smooth out the finish.


Wulfgar, the barbarian and Aegis-fang.

The insert is a typical image of the standard figure for comparison. I’m much happier with my repaint, although I could still touch up the face a little more. I spent too much time on this during the week – after doing some painting and letting it dry, I’d come back to paint some more and find that contact with the figure was rubbing off my earlier painting! I don’t know if that was caused by the plastic of the figure or whatever paint was on it before I started but it got very annoying. Hopefully the clear acrylic over the top helps it stay there now.

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