I was quite pleased this morning to find a home improvement site where I could list a few things I wanted done (installation quotes – new oven, hot water service and air conditioning) and get some suggestions of businesses I could contact. It also sent messages to people on my behalf, so I also received a number of calls from tradesmen who were interested in helping. Much better than tracking someone down and then have them say they are too busy, or don’t handle all of what you want. It will be so nice to have hot water out of a tap again!

I collected a new pair of glasses today – my first pair of multi-focals. I’m already impressed that I can read books or text on my phone now without having to remove my glasses. I was hoping that the new pair would allow me to focus on figures for painting too – normally I’m taking them off to paint, then back on to find something on the desk/look at my computer. They’re better – I can hold the figure closer than before to see detail, but for very fine detail (like eyes) I think no glasses is still the way to go. (At least until I can get a magnifying desk lamp.)

I spray undercoated a new batch of figures this morning and left them out to dry. Much better weather this weekend than all of the last week. I’m nearly finished the ten figures that I’ve been struggling to complete during the week – mostly eyes on everyone now, the hair of one figure and a bit of basing work on some. I’m hoping to spray varnish completed figures tomorrow. (Then take photographs!)

Queuing up on the painting desk…

2 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. If you don’t already have them booked, I’ve got the numbers of two plumbers (one for small jobs, one for big jobs) and an electrician that I use (he did all the stuff in the War Room). All three are good guys – we just got a new hot water heater installed at Marouda’s mum’s place.


    • Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. We have two guys/companies coming to quote this week (both have a good rep) and a third I’m holding in reserve. Each can handle all three items, so it’ll come down to price and who we feel good about.


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