Touching up some prepainted figures.

I’m slowly getting back to some painting… this weekend I finished the last of a number of pre-painted miniatures that have been sitting on my desk that needed some extra work.

Rear (L-R): Earth elemental, Horned demon, Earth elemental; Front: Berbalang, Red Hand war sorcerers.

At the back are two Earth Elementals (Wizards) that I’ve mentioned before. They have a distinct gap across the back from joining two parts that has now been neatly filled and is probably only going to be recognised now if you are specifically looking for it. They both got a little extra grey and light brown paint and then some ink to bring out the protrusions. The Horned Demon (Paizo) is a new addition that will stand in for an Occulus Demon in my Demonweb campaign. He got some ink to bring out the detail on the horns and a little bit of white on his teeth. The Berbalang (Paizo) is a much nicer and more detailed sculpt than the Wizards original (which I’m now glad I never bought). He got some dark green on the wings to make them stand out a little – the change isn’t so obvious from the picture. I also cut out his large protruding black tongue. He now looks like he’s speaking or going to bite someone. I think this looks much better! I don’t have a use for this figure now, but he’ll be a great stand in for any winged humanoid/demon/devil.

The “Red Hand War Sorcerer’s” (Wizards) I got recently at a very low price. I’m always happy to add a few more figures to my groups of humanoids – hobgoblins in this case. These figures have a nice pose, and great detail on their robes. It’s such a pity that the figure comes with dark grey robes, with the only other colour being a silver belt and the red “hand”. One had some blue and bright bronze added, while the other got light grey and red.

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