Painting – An assortment of figures

Over the last two weeks I’ve been doing some painting, mostly in between battles in ‘World of Tanks’ of an evening.

I’ve got ten figures that have all been re-based and I’m steadily working my way through painting them. Mostly I’ve picked a colour and used it on a few figures, and occasionally focussed on one figure. They are mostly Citadel figures – predominately Warhammer and Hero Quest. I’m painting my first Reaper Bones figure here too! Four metal, six plastic. Most are general adventurers/heroes, but there are two that stand out – one Orc (a Black Orc Lord/Chief from Warhammer) and a ‘Snotling Team’. This pair of snotlings isn’t an available figure… I took two small humanoids (presumably snotlings) that were extras from something else I had (Citadel Warhammer), cut them free from whatever else they were with and stuck them together on a base. This was done a few years ago for a friend who decided to play the Snotling Team in one of our Hero Quest games – based on a fan constructed Hero class. They may never actually be used again, but I’d like to have them painted!


This group is nearly the last of my unpainted heroes/adventurers. Future projects? I have a set of Dungeon Quest heroes (I think its a dozen) that I’d like to paint at some time.  I’d like to move onto some of my Orc/Goblin/Skaven leaders, and I’ve also plans to paint the survivors for Zombicide: Black Plague.