ZBP: Wulfsburg and a Knight’s Pledge

I spent the first six months of this year steadily working through the original quests of Zombicide: Black Plague. Win or lose, it was great fun playing the different Survivors and trying out equipment. The only problem: I was having trouble waiting for a greater selection of Survivors!

July: I received a large box with my Wulfsburg expansion and a hoard of extras. I couldn’t believe that people had been whining about how long it took to get this. People were saying they would never support the company again and that they would have been better keeping their money and buying Wulfsburg in a retail store. Okay – some people got Wulfsburg after retail shops did – but for the price of the Wulsfburg expansion, I got ALL THIS, plus dice and a nifty dice tower:

ZBP: Wulfsburg & Knight pledge extras

Okay, the doors are extra, but you should get the point – it was worth the wait. (By the way – the doors look great on the table, and I’ve also been using them for D&D. With all the cards I’ve got, I wish I had a card holder set too.)

The quality of the figures and parts is still excellent. The SIZE of the new abominations is incredible. One of the first things I did was buy a plastic box to keep figures in. Now everything else for the game fits in the original Zombicide: Black Plague box. I’ve got a fabric shopping bag with long handle to carry the two boxes around.


A box of 197 figures!

The extra survivors are great fun to use and add a lot more variety to game-play. Some skills are much more useful than others. We choose survivors at random for a game. (If I’m playing two survivors I randomly take three cards and pick the two of those that I want to play.) The new equipment is great – interesting and diverse. The “magic items” just can’t be discarded – you’ll want to hang on to them until you reach the right danger level. (Eg: Storm Bow, range 1-3, 3 dice, hit 3+, 1 damage. Roll 6 and +1 die.) The new cards about double what you started with and this means it can take a lot more searching to find torches and dragon bile. This is balanced by weapons that can either light dragon bile or be discarded for dragon fire. There’s also a vault artefact (Heavy crossbow) and a magic weapon (Vampire crossbow) that do 3 damage.


The rats sure grow big around here!

We finished the last two Wulfsburg quests on Sunday, with one restart. I felt the Wulfsburg quests weren’t as well balanced as the originals and we found some to be easy/medium rather than medium/hard difficulty. That could simply be the randomness of the game and my spawn deck.

We haven’t tried any of the alternate Necromancers (two standard Necros on the board at one time is dangerous enough so far), and my spawn deck currently includes nearly all NPCs, all wolfz, and 2 cards each of Ablobination & Abominarat. I think we have reached a stage where I could throw in an Alpha and Minotaur/Troll. Using all the NPCs makes for an easy game, since most of your spawns (regardless of danger level) become walkers, so I feel those cards need to be balanced with wolfz and abominations.



Who’s got the Dragon Bile???

I’m really looking forward to painting the abominations. I also want to try a game where we throw a bit of everything into the spawn deck and just see what happens. I think we’ll play through the two campaigns next, then maybe go back to some of the original quests and make them harder with extra spawn cards.

Overall, this has been a fantastic kickstarter. I’m thrilled with the quality of the product, the amount of stuff I received and the game play itself. Thank you CMoN and Guillotine Games!


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