Zombicide: BP – Painting Survivors #4

Four more survivors completed last weekend and photographed yesterday. I’d planned to paint four dwarves, and in the middle I started Klom for a change and didn’t get much done on the last dwarf. Klom was good to paint. Larger figures are easier, although working around (and behind) the flail he holds became more challenging.

Three dwarves and a half-ogre? Front view.

The four survivors are: Lord Bazak (by special guest Paul Bonner), Samson (from the original BP set), Thundergut (by special guest Naiade) and Klom (Paul Bonner).

A friend and I had puzzled over what Klom had in his basket. It became obvious once I’d undercoated the figure (and you can track down the card background online too) – it’s heads! I also didn’t realise until I started painting that Thundergut has a metal leg. They were all enjoyable figures to paint and I particularly like dwarves. I can see Lord Bazak and Smason being used for D&D, MERP, etc.


Rear view

That’s 12 out of 50 survivors finished. It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne and I’m hoping to finish some more figures.

I won’t be watching the AFL grand final tomorrow – I’ll be playing Pathfinder!

Zombicide: BP – Painting Survivors #3

Photographed yesterday, but painting completed late August or early September!


Front view

From left to right:

Lady Grimm (by Special Guest, Mark Simonetti), Milo (by Special Guest, Naiade), Piper (Isabeau, played by Michelle Pfeiffer in “Ladyhawke”).

Rear View

Like the previous Zombicide figures, I’ve tried to keep colours close to that on their cards. Lady Grimm’s cloak, under-tunic (?) and hair got brightened up a bit, and I’ve left out the scar and odd left eye. I wasn’t likely to paint a scar as fine as that shown in the images, and making her more ‘normal’ looking makes the figure more useful. (My wife is currently using her in our new Pathfinder game, mostly because of the warhammer!)

Milo’s changes are his hair – red, not black or dark brown – and the blue band on his hat. (I wanted a bit more colour.) Piper was a simple paint scheme and finished quickly as a result. If there’s any difference from her card image, it’s that her skin isn’t bright and clean!

I’ve nearly finished painting ‘Klom’ and I’ve also got started on a few dwarves.




Star Wars – More figures!

I had a great break from work for about two months. I’d hoped to get a lot of painting done, but, of course, lots of other things happened and not as much painting as I wanted to get through. (Now I’m back working again! The weather is improving, so I’m hoping I can keep painting something regularly.)


Front view

Here’s four Star Wars figures that I think were finished in August sometime, but I only got them photographed yesterday. From left to right:

“Rebel Characters” – Alien Student of the Force (SW72), Old Senatorial (SW71) and “Bounty Hunters” – Rebel Scout (SW30), Boba Fett (SW21) .

Before I managed to make a tree for one of the players in Gamma World, we’d been using the Alien Student as our sentient mobile tree. I had this in mind when I came to painting and liked the idea of the alien being a plant creature. It got a solid dark purple base coat, and then I worked up the greens over the top. The ‘old man’ got bright colours to make him a little more interesting, mostly red-yellow. The ‘rebel scout’ was given a simple military look – I wasn’t aiming for any actual ‘rebel’ theme. Boba Fett got colours to match the images I’d turned up, as much as possible and some more distinct basing.


Rear view


I’m pleased with how they have worked out. They can certainly be used in any further Gamma World gaming, but there is always the potential of actually playing Star Wars again in future, or using figures without obvious technology in D&D or Pathfinder. I still have 14 more figures waiting to be painted, but they can wait untill I get through more of my Zombicide survivors!