Zombicide: BP – Painting Survivors #4

Four more survivors completed last weekend and photographed yesterday. I’d planned to paint four dwarves, and in the middle I started Klom for a change and didn’t get much done on the last dwarf. Klom was good to paint. Larger figures are easier, although working around (and behind) the flail he holds became more challenging.

Three dwarves and a half-ogre? Front view.

The four survivors are: Lord Bazak (by special guest Paul Bonner), Samson (from the original BP set), Thundergut (by special guest Naiade) and Klom (Paul Bonner).

A friend and I had puzzled over what Klom had in his basket. It became obvious once I’d undercoated the figure (and you can track down the card background online too) – it’s heads! I also didn’t realise until I started painting that Thundergut has a metal leg. They were all enjoyable figures to paint and I particularly like dwarves. I can see Lord Bazak and Smason being used for D&D, MERP, etc.


Rear view

That’s 12 out of 50 survivors finished. It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne and I’m hoping to finish some more figures.

I won’t be watching the AFL grand final tomorrow – I’ll be playing Pathfinder!

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