A New Year and new games

I spent New Year’s Eve playing a long game of Zombicide! After an early restart, we eventually started to get some of the equipment we needed to deal with abominations and managed to get everyone out alive. We had all the walkers on the board at the end and spent the last two turns just running away from them to the exit. I’m impressed with the replay possible with this game – its still getting regular use after three years.

Last week I finally wrote up the last session played in my 3.5 D&D campaign – about two years after we actually played. I’ve added the summary onto the adventure diary blog page. We haven’t officially retired that campaign, but it probably should be considered in that light. My players completed the adventure we’d been playing, but were talking about going beyond the text of the adventure – they hadn’t returned to town with their loot but were considering digging up collapsed tunnels. I wrote a bunch of notes of what they would find, but we never got back to playing.

One of my players started DMing a Pathfinder Campaign – in which we reached 18th level. He started another campaign and that’s alternated with a d20 Gamma World game that I started. GW is taking a break and just before Christmas 2018 we got together and created characters for my next campaign. I spent more time writing FalsKrag last year that painting figures, and I’m very happy to see the game get off to a good start.

So 2019 looks like it will be mostly my FalsKrag campaign (Greyhawk based Pathfinder) and alternating occasionally with my mates Golarion Pathfinder game. I added a new page to the blog to track what happens in my game.


Painting: I have 12 Reaper Bones kobolds that got started at the end of last year and still need a fair bit of work. This month, I’ve “built” a tree, completed a Stone Golem and nearly finished a Wookiee. I’ve got some tombstones too, that were done a while back, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned them here. There should be a painting post with these once I get a bit more work done.

I got 58 figures painted in 2018. Not as good as the 93 for 2017 but I wasn’t as painting focused. I’ve recently bought some Reaper figures – some bones, but also some metal figures that I really like. I really want to see them painted, so they should help get me going again.

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