FalsKrag Session 0 – Beginnings

Adventure Diary for Session 0:

PC Name Race Class Origin
Lanliss High Elf Rogue Blackmoor
Bacon Hill Dwarf Monk County of Ulek
Hardaz Mnt Dwarf Fighter Cairn Hills
Merxif Rock Gnome Cleric Sterich
Seldrel High Elf Wizard Vesve Forest
Winter Wood Elf Hunter Gamboge Forest

It is Moonday, the 10th of Goodmonth in the Common Year 576. (High Summer) Six would-be adventurers head out of their village/town/city with friends. They plan to practice their skills, look for trouble and hope to find something interesting, but won’t be surprised if it’s another ordinary day.

On the outskirts of Mosshold, on Blackmoor Bay, Blackmoor. Lanliss goes out with his friends Vargas (Human Rogue) and Wat (Human Fighter). They have been warned that strangers have been asking about young elves. Most folk are quite suspicious of these southerners who don’t seem well equipped for the current conditions. As they approach the village edge a hawk dives out of the sky to attack. This is closely followed by an attack by three human thugs. Lanliss and Vargas are wounded, while Wat is knocked unconscious in the fight. Lanliss finds part of a note on one thug that mentions getting payment and claims an extremely good set of boots. Vargas picks up a silver medallion from another. He holds it up glancing at the back and there is a bright flash!

Near Jurnre, capital of the County of Ulek. Bacon Ironfist is accompanied by Baldor (Human Slayer) and Wes (½ Elf Fighter). Heading into the hills, an unusual creature flies out of a tree. Bacon takes it down with a crossbow bolt. They decide it is a blood-draining stirge. Thankfully there appear to be no more about. Approaching a cave, they sight a dead or dying figure. The male human appears to have collapsed on the way out of the cave. Another human retreats out of the cave followed by a bear. He yells a warning and fires an arrow, dropping the bear. He turns and begins to warn the group, then gets a clear look at Bacon. “You!” The man tries to throw a metallic globe at Bacon, but it misses, landing close to Wes and exploding. Wes is knocked unconscious, and a second bear charges out of the cave. It fatally claws the man. Bacon and Baldor struggled to kill the bear and are lightly wounded. Searching the bodies reveals a necklace with two more globes attached, and a silver amulet on a chain. Baldor states “this looks like you”, then reads something on the other side. There is a bright flash…

Outside Diamond Lake in the Cairn Hills. Hardaz Granite goes out with his friends Ardartha (Elf Warlock) and Wix (½ Elf Fighter). They make their way into the hills through a wooded area. Ardartha and Wix have heard rumours of Goblins in the area, and it is not long before they find a dead goblin. Further along is another dead goblin and the corpse of a human male. There is a loud noise ahead and the three make there way forward quietly. A clearing ahead has four goblin warriors calling out and laughing while an unmoving human is tied to a tree. Hardaz and Wix charge the goblins, while Ardatha stays back and blasts them. A previously unnoticed goblin steps out from near a tree and waves a wand, launching a bolt of lightning at Wix. The blast hits him squarely and he falls, dead. Fortunately the goblin shaman seems unable to make the wand function again and the fight goes rapidly downhill for the goblins. Hadaz retrieves the wand and Ardartha notes that the human tied to the tree had been blasted by lightning. She picks up a silver pendant. “I know this rune…” There is a bright flash.

West of Ironstead in the southern Vesve Forest. Seldrel goes out with his friends Usko (½ Orc Ranger) and Wyn (Human Fighter). The trainee Wizard is hoping to test his magical skills and they head out into the forest. They find body parts that have been chewed and are attacked by two dirty humanoids. When one paralyses Wyn they realise the creatures are ghouls. Usko is hurt while he and Seldrel fight one ghoul. The second focuses on the helpless Wyn and is nearly killed before the ghouls can be destroyed. They stabilise Wyn and Usko notices a silver disc. There’s a face on one side and something on the other… there is a bright flash!

On the edge of the Flinty Hills, in the eastern Gamboge Forest. Winter goes out with her friend Wen (½ Elf Fighter) and owl companion Summer. An old ruin nearby has a nice view from the hills. They glance around the ruin and sight some bones. A rusty sword, a ragged leather shirt and a flask and also found. Wen picks up something shiny and is attacked by two large spiders. Wen is bitten by both and poisoned. Winter and her pet kill the spiders and treat Wen who is barely conscious. Her friend has dropped the shiny item – a silver disc with Winters face engraved on one side. On the other is a rune which is familiar. There is a bright flash.

North of Steryn, in Sterich. Merxif goes out with his friends Sharra (Human Swashbuckler) and Wol (Human Fighter). They decide to explore a ridge nearby that has occasionally yielded artefacts from a town buried centuries ago. They hope to find something of value, but instead turn up a body. They decide the male human likely fell and was killed by shifting rock a few days ago. While they check for valuables, two scorpions emerge from holes in the rock. Wol is wounded. Sharra is clawed multiple times and falls unconscious. Merxif is able to avoid being hit and uses a healing burst to revive Sharra while Wol crushes the vermin. The friends locate a second body, this one with a large glistening arrow and a note with Merxif’s name, town, and country. It states an amulet can be used to locate him and he is to be killed by the 10th of Goodmonth, with the amulet used to return for payment. A shiny medal on a silver chain has Merxif’s face engraved on one side and a rune of fate (or destiny) on the other side. A bright flash momentarily blinds them all…

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