FalsKrag Session 15 – Secret doors and constructs

The players are very happy to have reached level four and be developing class abilities and having a reasonable amount of hp’s now. The three main encounters in this session were all against constructs. The first fight went from something average to amusing when Winter’s critical on an attack disarmed the animated armour, and another player’s quick thinking claimed the dropped sword. A mailed fist wasn’t very effective. This was the first time these characters have met golems and the fights could have been quite nasty. Using fire against ice was an obvious choice, but strategy made a big difference against the flesh golem.

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3rd Brewfest: Making their way to the mountain, they descend to the Hall of the Gods. They activate the statue of Obad-Hai (Flan God of Nature) and receive a wand of Bears Endurance. After some discussion they go back up, and then down to the other side of the level where the dark folk were camped. The chambers here are empty – they have been gone about a week. A message recently scratched on wall to Seldrel says “Look side you first time free one me – G” which he assumes is from Genas. Lanliss, with Bacon assisting, works through the spell trapped statue hall disarming all and recovering two wands. A message warns them to “Beware the child of light.” Returning to the Hall of Gods, they search the cells where a dark folk was freed a month ago. There is a scroll with a message from Genas. He states that he is sorry the dark folk were ordered to attack the group. He was alerted by two who refused to obey. He offers a phrase to be used if they meet dark folk in future. Seldrel is concerned that there may be more hidden rooms off from the fungi caves and the group goes downstairs to do a thorough search of the cavern walls. They locate a secret door close to one of those previously found. A animated suit of armour guards a locked door. The fight goes downhill for the construct after Winter shoots the sword out of its hands and Boris grabs the weapon. The second room has strong magical wards all over the walls, floor and ceiling that are only active while the door is closed. It takes some time to learn that while the door is open, there is a rift to another plane. Seldrel cannot determine which plane. Considering the chambers defences, they do not want to risk entry. Continuing to search the walls of the main caverns brings an attack by giant rats, but finds no more hidden doors.

They take the stairs down to level five and disarm the magic traps. An old message found with the chain devil mentioned a well with treasure and making a wish. They go to where the kobolds were defeated (and many coins were brought up from the well) and Hardaz drops a gold coin down. He wishes for his morning star to be magical, and Seldrel casts detect magic. He observes nothing new, but convinces Hardaz that his weapon is now magical. Most of the group also believe him, but he signals to the others that he is bluffing.

They decide to take the northern stairs and through the secret door, looking again at the animal panels on the walls. They feel better able to face the challenges here, than the last time they were here. Heading east, they encounter two small odd beast-like demons that create foul clouds of putrid gas. Most resist the poisonous vapours and move out as fast as possible. The creatures take less damage from the parties weapons than expected, but are still destroyed before they harm anyone seriously. The combat attracts two ogre zombies, who are fought one after the other in a passageway. Beyond them there are two secret doors. Behind one is a small room with a fourth black gate. Seldrel holds out different gem keys and sees into the shrine to Iuz, and also two rooms they haven’t been to. The second hidden door (partway up the wall) has a narrow tunnel that leads to a trapped chest. Lanliss recovers some treasure with the help of Boris, and they follow the tunnel to another secret door and peer into a large room with a central pillar and a door. Rather than drop down into the room, they return to the main group and take a wide passage northward and the door to the other side of the same room. As they enter a pale statue moves towards them; a female human figure carved from ice attacks, breathing a cone of frost. The fight is tough, with Merxif inflicting considerable damage from his searing wand. The Ice Golem explodes when killed. The central column is carved with snakes and it rotates revealing a cavity with a scroll. A message carved on the wall refers to a “winter raven” that can be bent or broken.

A hidden door reveals a number of narrow winding passages. Each ends at a strong, locked, iron bound door that Lanliss unlocks but cannot open. They appear to be fastened to the stone of a dead end. Another secret door has two dead ends – one buried in rock fallen long ago, and the other ending in a fifty foot high shaft. Lanliss climbs and finds a trapdoor. It opens into a wide hall, with some fallen rock to the west and a lit chamber to the east. Lanliss drops a rope, Winter and Boris climb up and help pull up those without the skill to climb. Boris learns that the hall has more hidden trap-doors, and falls down a deep spiked pit. Lanliss tells everyone not to move while he searches the hall and finds two more pit traps! Boris climbs out, slightly wounded, and Bacon comes up the shaft last.

They enter a large magically lit chamber and confront a large humanoid that seems to be sewn together from many other creatures. After it batters Hardaz, Seldrel realises they face a Flesh Golem. Lanliss orders the group to adjust their positions in the room so they can flank it. The fight is over soon after Seldrel casts grease and Boris trips the golem. A boar image is carved on the wall with a message about a lion and a holy man. An open pit in the room has a hidden compartment holding a healing scroll and some adamantine sling bullets. A secret door hides a long, dusty tiled passage leading to a door.

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