FalsKrag Session 26 – A death in the party

The main fight against the bugbears took awhile and got quite spread out. The caves circled around and I had the bugbears and barghest use this to attack from both sides. Winter is a great ranged attacker, not so effective in melee and my surprise attack on her was well countered by Merxif with fear. It was quite amusing for me when the group decided the “goblin” was a were-wolf and thought they needed silver to kill it. Most of my group are long time players, who often know details that their characters wouldn’t know, so its double the fun for me when they make a mistake.

The players have had some close calls in combats. It’s usually the rogue in the most danger – because he’s leading everyone else and encounters anything nasty before the rest catch up. His out of combat death this session was unexpected – a failed Perception check on the trap, a high damage roll, and a failed Reflex save. He would have survived all that except for the unhealable damage caused by the Clay Golem. The group have realised that there will be more Golems in the dungeon and each is getting much more powerful. They are considering crafting some items to help fight constructs.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

15th Patchwall: After searching and looting corpses they continue, running into some more morlocks. On the other side of the columned chamber are caves with quiet humanoids and a rock fall trap. Lanliss triggers the trap and Bacon moves to attack the bugbears. More bugbears (and a goblin) approach the remainder of the group, threatening Winter. Merxif uses fear from one of his skulls and drives most of them off. They continue into the caves, fighting more bugbears and Winter is attacked by their leader. Finally a wolflike creature attacks with the few remaining bugbears that have gotten over their fear. The group suspect the goblin is a werewolf. They kill them all and find a silver dagger to stab the wolf, making certain it stays dead. One of the Bugbears appears to have escaped. While checking the bodies and searching the caves, they find coins , some gems and a magical warhammer. They realise that the goblin/wolf was a Barghest – a shape changing creature that leads goblinoids and eats its kills to become stronger. A final dusty cave holds a Phase Spider, which bites Lanliss and Summer; moving in and out of this world around them. Lanliss is poisoned, but cured by Merxif. The last exit from the pillared room leads to a circular stair going down. The group digs out the obstructed tunnel and to their dismay find a Clay Golem. It badly wounds Lanliss, Hardaz, Merxif and Bacon before they finally demolish it. Merxif finds that he can’t heal their wounds. There is some treasure here, a gilded demon skull, some platinum coins and gems. They return to the main hall and open the hidden compartment. There is a locked box in it and Lanliss unfortunately doesn’t notice the magical trap guarding it. Winter and Summer are on the edge of the resultant column of flame and are able to avoid it, but Lanliss gets the full effect. In his weakened state, the damage kills him. The group wrap his remains and use a gem key on the gate above to return to Hall of the Gods, then head out of the Keep and into Falsford.

The High Priest there advises they go to Falsridge as he can’t help them with their wounds. Merxif uses Raise Dead on Lanliss, and check in with Kevelli, who has in the last few days had two offers on the flail snail shell of 880 and 1170 gp (after his commission). He doesn’t believe they will get a better deal and accepted the higher one. He also talks about a magical scarab that they sold him some time ago, and realises that it has powers they didn’t realise, purchase it back from him, and a somewhat raised price.

16th Travel to Falridge takes all day. They visit the Temple of Rao, getting Restoration on Lanliss and Hardaz, and healing for all hurt by the Golem. Seldrel’s study of some items they have, with assistance from a mage in town identifies three items they have to be Legacy items – a Scarab of Protection, a Holy Symbol of tongues (Merxif) and an elven Ring of light (Seldrel). Each will grow in power the longer their wearer keeps it. The scarab is given to Winter.

17th (Level Six) The party spends an extra day in town to rest (Lanliss in particular requires it), and consider their new items and skills. Replace some alchemical items used at the Krag. Restock on provisions and sell most of the equipment recovered.



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