FalsKrag Session 28 – Caves, confusion and combat

Here are the ‘riddles’ found by the party in the previous session (in ‘Velondi’, I use german for Oeridean) and the translation…

‘Die koppe van eten en die oë van waarnemer’ (The heads of an ettin and the eyes of a beholder)

‘Die hande van girallen by die van slang mariliet, en die ledemate van behaard’ (The hands of a girallon by those of a demon-snake [marilith], and the limbs of a behir)

‘Die bene van spinnekop byn klip akkendis, minus die kloue van kat’ (The legs of a spider by those of a stone lizard [basilisk], less the claws of a cat)

The flagstones in the puzzle room were marked with indentations numbering: 3, 5, 8, 13, 15, 23, 31. Initially, they worked out the individual totals, then added everything together and tried finding a sequence of tiles that gave that total.

The final area was three large caves and some smaller ones, accessed at three points by tunnels previously dug by the umber hulk. The group unfortunately took the third tunnel which came into the central empty cave, and rolled low perception checks. All the players made good choices for the combat and could have been much worse off, being flanked by two powerful creatures and then harried by the will-o’wisp.

= = = = = = = = = = =

20th – 22nd Patchwall: The group mostly stay in the crafting halls, cleaning and repairing equipment, trying out the tools and seeing what they can do. Seldrel begins enhancing his spellcraft headband. Each day most of the group goes up to the Hall of Gods and activates a statue. [Cyndor, Delleb, Allitor.]

23rd. They activate the statue of Fharlanghn while Seldrel completes his headband. The group head down stairs and try the puzzle room again. Bacon has a new idea about the riddles, and locates a third secret door. Using two people standing on different tiles at the same time, they open each door, recovering coins and some magical items. They head north to the pit room and begin opening each of the doors and looking in the rooms behind. One holds more burning skeletons which wound Lanliss, and block both him and the monk from getting into the chamber to flank them. The group retreats back to the pit room and lure one skeleton into a pit. With more room to coordinate, they quickly destroy the other three. East through double doors bring them to a long hall and a junction that links with the great stair shaft. Lanliss falls down a pit when he tries to examine writing on the wall. Once he levitates out and seals the pit, Seldrel translates the writing. It refers to a Lake behind (presumably down the shaft), the ‘Hall of Sokandel’ to the east and the ‘Stone of Jartekkes’ to the west. Further east they come upon a number of rooms that once had furniture – shelves, cupboards, bookcases that have been burnt and destroyed long ago.

A moving light to the south draws them into a room with an open box. Lanliss picks a glass globe out and stands entranced until Seldrel uses mage hand to take the globe away and put it back in the box. They follow a short tunnel that seems recently dug into a larger cave. There is noise to the south and the group spread out to investigate. Lanliss sights a large shape that moves out of the darkness and attacks him. He is confused, occasionally swinging his weapon, but mostly babbling nonsense. Bacon and Summer attack the creature but are also confused. Seldrel realises they face an Umber Hulk – an insect-like creature with multiple eyes and claws that dig through stone. Hardaz is attacked by a humanoid creature with a beak, beetle-like plates on its back and long hooked or bladed arms. It slashes and bites him repeatedly, but gives as good as he gets with his axe, keeping the creature from the back of the party. Seldrel and Winter stay away from the confusing gaze of the Umber Hulk with ranged attacks, while Merxif moves to positions to avoid being attacked but heal those who need it. The original source of light appears next to Seldrel and strikes him with an arc of electricity, then vanishes. It reappears later to zap the badly wounded Lanliss. Merxif casts a spell that cancels invisibility around them and the Will-O-Wisp flees away through the caves. They kill both aberrations attacking them and go in search of the wisp. It briefly appears, darting through the midst of the group heading back north towards the rooms outside the cave system. It is struck as it flees, but it moves so fast that it soon is past them and invisible again. In one part of the caves the dwarves note a vein of amethyst. Lanliss and Hardaz have basic mining skills and spend a few hours digging out what minerals they can to sell to a jeweller. Seldrel determines that glass globes have an enchantment aura and uses mage hand to put them into his handy haversack.

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