FalsKrag Session 35 – Temple of the four Elements

I’m catching up with these session summaries at last! I’ve also spent time making combat maps for areas the group may move into soon, and trying to complete some that may be needed at a later time. Cavern exploration is time consuming, but there has been plenty to be discovered. This session had me give out a bunch of small pages (A6) with a heap of notes about the inner planes, planar gates, conduits and elemental essences. As with some of my past handouts, there’s quite a bit of information, and the group doesn’t know how much is accurate, or of any importance to them. They have previously found what they believe is a closed (but open-able) planar gate, but at the time didn’t know where it led to.

= = = = = = = = = = =

(16th Ready’reat): The party continues looking through the buildings closest to the trog hill, making their way towards the west. They find stairs into a lower set of chambers in one building. One has four pillars with elemental runes. They are attacked by a few Bugbears and Morlocks, who are defeated with ease. The group uses a combination of mundane and magical means to introduce the corresponding element to each pillar (dirt on the earth runed pillar, create water on the water), lowering a ramp into what seems to be an arcane temple to the four elements. Three small lightning elementals defend an altar with silver statuettes of each element. A humanoid skeleton lies in a hall. It appears to have died from wounds and has a silver amulet. Small rooms hold old furniture, books and scrolls that have not survived time and moisture. A few useful pages concerning the elements and planes are recovered.

Another part of the ruins has a broken stone trapdoor and stairs into a dusty area with recent rat corpses and old humanoid skeletons. A greater shadow attacks them while they look around – draining Strength from Seldrel, Winter and Bacon before they all retreat. The shadow doesn’t follow them out. Winter restores much of Seldrel’s strength and all retreat out of the cavern. Merxif heals them and they decide to return to Falsridge.

17th: Hardaz leaves his axe with Kevelli to enchant with Ghost Touch. The group sells a few items, restock consumables and train. [7th Level]

18th: Return to the Crafting Halls. Seldrel begins work on an enchanted quiver for Winter.

19 – 24th: While Seldrel crafts, the others read over the materials they have recovered and occasionally scout out of the Hold to supplement their provisions with fresh meat. Seldrel makes two magical Blood Vessels – one each for Lanliss and himself. These will protect against the draining of certain undead and necromantic magiks. Hardaz returns to Falsridge with a few of the others to reclaim his axe. The group has not bothered to activate statues in the Hall of the Gods. Merxif has started taking a greater interest in religion (outside that if his own) and the groups knowledge about the Flanaess deities is growing. They have a growing list of spells that they believe can be used to activate statues based on the deities areas of concern and Lanliss’ carpentry skill is improving. He can craft wooden disks showing a deities symbol. There have been no wands gained recently, and while the blessings gained from each statue appear to be somewhat more powerful and longer lasting, they only effect someone of the same race or similar alignment. They hope that a change of statues will reward them with wands once again.

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