FalsKrag Session 38 – Goblins and Gargoyles

Not a long session. Lanliss wasn’t the centre of attention (or damage) for a change. Seldrel nearly got torn to pieces, Bacon thought he was going to drown in the marsh and Merxif learned to fly… While he doesn’t weigh much, Merxif does wear heavy armour and has no skill at climbing. The group usually ties a rope around him and pulls him up anything vertical. A short discussion on character weight, led us to realising that the owl (small size like the gnome) is quite strong and could lift Merxif without difficulty. This may lead to some special shoulder pads, and simple leather harness for Merxif to wear to make this easier.

= = = = = = = = = = =

(26th Ready’reat) There are caves in the cliff walls to the north west. A number of entrances exist to the same small cave system. It seems mostly occupied by goblins, with a some morlocks, two ogres and a pair of worgs. Once these are defeated, the caves are searched and some basic treasure recovered. There are signs that other humanoids (likely females and young) escaped the caves during the fighting. As they exit, they are attacked by two gargoyles.

Another cave mouth exists higher up in the cliff. Lanliss and Bacon begin to climb up the wall, while Hardaz digs a spider climb potion out of his bag and Seldrel flies up to the cave. Two gargoyles waiting at the entrance claw and bite him. He flies back off the ledge, badly wounded. Winter backs up to be able to shoot arrows, and the other three reach the ledge and attack. Seldrel drops a rope for Merxif and the group realise that Summer can actually carry the gnome over short distances with little trouble. The gargoyle cave is small and quickly looted.

Gargoyle cave on cliff, with a bat standing in for the second gargoyle.

Once back on the ground, they decide to head back to the crafting halls to rest for the evening. Crossing the northern edge of the marsh, Bacon suddenly falls over and flounders around in a foot of water. Lanliss pulls him up, but after a few steps he is prone again and acting like he is drowning. Bacon describes the “deep murky water” as pulling him down. They move him away and he feels better. Seldrel detects no unusual magical auras and they discuss mind-effects, poison, and disease. They suspect something in that part of the marsh has an unusual effect on some of them (since this sort of hallucination has occurred before), though the source is not anything that stands out. They make their way up the stairs and passages to safety.

27 – 28th: While Seldrel begins crafting a magical haversack, Hardaz and Lanliss gather some of their treasure to take into Falsford. They sell off what they can and Hardaz leaves his warhammer with Kevilli to make it stronger and rust-proof. Lanliss learns that his ring of invisibility is nearly finished and could be collected in a few days.

1 – 2nd Sunsebb: Seldrel continues crafting minor items that are quickly made. The group regularly check on the statues in the Hall of the Gods, expecting that they will change very soon with the new moon of Luna. Lanliss heads back into town to collect his ring, while Hardaz buys alchemists fire and Winter gets more arrows.

3rd: The group feels the pull to explore and heads back down toward the cavern. Near the end of the stairs out, Lanliss realises that something blocks the passage. Range enables them to destroy the gelatinous cube before it can reach any of them.

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