Fals’Krag Session 40 – Stoned!

The main combat at the beginning of this session didn’t go the way I’d expected. I had thought the party might back off, but they just pushed harder to kill their opponents. This may not have worked if they didn’t have a monk with excellent saving throws in the middle of things.

This is was a good game session, but will be our last for some time. With the coronavirus embedding itself in Australia, I decided getting together again wasn’t in the best interest of our health or that of our families. Going online to continue playing could possibly be arranged for most of us, but wouldn’t be easy to implement. I will have time to write more material for the game, and paint miniatures, etc.

= = = = = = = = = = =

(4th Sunsebb): The group head east to search the buildings the group have missed. One large triangular building has two entrances from the main road. Morlocks are sighted through a window. Lanliss and Hardaz move in while Winter shoots through the window. A larger Grimlock is noted on the other side of the building. A voice calls out asking for coins and jewellery to be left in the bowl. Bacon and Seldrel move to the other entrance and engage the grimlock. Behind him is a muscular human dressed in a simple kilt. He looks human and is surprised to see them. Bacon observes his stance and movement and believe him to have monk training. A wide metal bowl rests on a stone block and has some coins. Behind it stands a damaged statue of a bugbear with missing arms. A female voice calls out to the man concerning problem visitors. The grimlock is quickly defeated once Bacon flips around it to engage the other monk. A woman enters the room and the group realise with horror that she has snakes not hair – a medusa. While most of the group avert their gaze, Merxif is unlucky and is petrified. The morlocks are killed, with spells and blows bringing down the medusa and her companion. Seldrel, in the middle of firing a magic missile is also petrified. Lanliss quickly scouts the rest of the building while invisible and finds rubble, life-like statues, simple furnishing and a locked door. He picks the lock and recovers treasure. Bacon and Hardaz have checked the front rooms. While most of the group ready the statues of their companions for travel, Lanliss scouts another section of the building accessible from another entrance, finding nothing of interest. They make their way out of the cavern and up to the crafting halls. Boris aids them in hauling the statues up the great stair shaft and comments that Seldrel should stone shape the wall of the shaft into grips or steps so that they aren’t flying or using rope to climb up and down every few days. With considerable effort and a few rests, they reach the hold and come down the mountain to Falsford. They quickly learn that neither the High Priest of Rao, or their mage friend Kevelli can help them. There are comments about selling a garden gnome.

5th: With the aid of a handcart, they travel to Falsridge. This takes all day and they locate an inn to stay in and have a quiet evening meal.

6th: The party inquire at the temples of Rao and Saint Cuthbert. Reorxen, the High Priest of St Cuthbert has scrolls of stone to flesh and is able to restore Merxif and Seldrel. Hardaz asks around the town for dwarven armor smiths or anyone with dwarven plate mail for sale. He eventually tracks down Dalain, a middle-aged hill dwarf who agrees to craft a suit of masterwork full plate. Dalain knows a mage in town who can enchant it and he will then have it sent to Kevelli in Falsford. Winter locates Liranion, one of the towns more powerful wizards (a female High Elf) and negotiates creation of a collar of the true companion for Summer. She arranges to have this sent to Kevelli when finished. Seldrel believes the male with the medusa was a maedar – a rare male form of medusa immune to petrification and strong enough to shatter stone. The group identify new items and sell some of their treasure.

7th: Everyone returns to Falsford. Kevelli is told that there will be some items coming from Falsridge, and Hardaz asks that his armour be made impervious when it arrives. Winter asks the mage to craft an amulet of mighty fists for her owl. Rodar resupplies the group with alchemists fire.

8th: Return to the Hold. The group head down to the Hall of the Gods and activate the statue of Heironeous. (LG Oeridean god of Chivalry, Justice, Honour, War & Valor.) They receive a wand (cloak of bravery). They set themselves up in the crafting halls again. Seldrel begins to work on some minor items. Bacon and Lanliss use the time to reforge the shaft of Avarrath’s broken spear.

9th: Activate the statue of Hextor. (LE Oeridean god of War, Discord, Conflict, & Tyranny) The wand they receive (Magic circle against good) is of little use to them. Avar’s spear is completed; now revealed as a +2 returning spear that can sense reptiles.

10th: Activate the statue of Zagyg. (CN demigod of Humour, Eccentricity, Magic & Unpredictability) They receive a wand of dispel magic and each of them are blessed with the ability to cast a single unknown spell. Leaving Boris at the crafting halls, they head down to the cavern and back into the ruins. There are two buildings unexplored in the northern block of ruins. The first has some snakes, and normal vermin. Much of the upper rooms have cobwebs. From one of the upper chambers Winter sights three bugbears entering the adjacent building. The group head downstairs and searches the basement where they find a pair of gricks.

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