“If only I knew someone who could paint…”

I’ve just finished four figures for a board game that I don’t own, and have never played! “My Little Scythe” is essentially a children’s version of the 2016 adult board game “Scythe” – both of which have nice figures to use. A mate recently stocked up on some board games to play with his daughter and this was one of them. Soon after getting the games, he told me about them, and figures, etc. His email ends with “PS Scythe has some nice miniatures, and a painting guide for them. If only I knew someone who could paint…”

There are seven pairs of figures – each representing a humanoid animal in the game. He was able to drop two pairs in to me to paint just before our stage 4 Covid-19 lock-down began.

Each figure is about 45mm high, which makes them a nice size to paint. The game also comes with a “Painting Guide” which has coloured images of each figure. I found quite a number of people have painted these and posted pictures on-line, so there were a number of variations to compare. I’ve used the guide as exactly that, not a template. I found (after starting painting and looking at online examples) that using lighter and brighter colours than the guide suggests give a better looking effect. It’s a family board game – why use dark colours, or worry about texture and shadows?

They have been fun to paint and look great. I just don’t know when I’ll have a chance to swap them over and paint some more!


3 thoughts on ““If only I knew someone who could paint…”

  1. They look great! Now, if they live within 10km of you, you just need to drive to the 5km halfway point and go for a 1.5m-distanced walk around the block, and toss the packets of minis to each other for a swap-over.
    …or the Post office could work, as well, I guess..


    • Thanks. Looks like about 14km between us, we might manage something. I could courier them from work but I’d hate the chance that they get lost or damaged. EDIT: Solved. Involving a nurse helps!


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