Painting – Nolzur’s Centaur

One Nolzur’s Centaur. It’s a nice sculpt – the proportions of the torso go well on top of the horse body and it’s a nice pose, although I’d prefer the bow wasn’t so close to the face. The detail on nearly all of the figure is quite good, although the bow gets a little sloppy with the strapping (if that what you call it).

2020-10-11 N Centaur-1

I think the head has been a separate piece attached to the neck, because there’s some odd seams or ridges that ink has settled in. You have to look closely to see them, and I really don’t want the fuss of trying to fill and/or repaint them now. The arms have the same look – but only obvious from behind. I suppose I can call them ritual scars!

2020-10-11 N Centaur-2

I don’t recall ever using or needing a centaur in a game, but I like the idea of having one just in case.

With most of my horse figures (in the past), I used darker browns to start with and had trouble lightening them. I started light with this guy, darkened him a little with some brown ink and then started to highlight parts with lighter browns again. He’s come up very nicely.

Next I have a pair of Nolzur’s demons to paint, and then I’m on to 15 Space Marines!