Painting – Nolzur’s Demons

The last of my Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures – a pack with a D&D Succubus and an Incubus. Mold lines bothered me a bit with these two, particularly annoying along hands and the tails. While better than some of my early purchases, I think mold lines are still a concern when the figures involved are slim and/or have long thin hands/arms, etc.

These are the female/male version of the same D&D minor demon. Good looking humanoids, who can change their appearance to look more or less human, who are frequently employed to deal with mortals. Both will be quite handy to represent any winged humanoid that appears in my game, and not just the actual demons.

The colour scheme on the pack is detailed, but quite dark – not the first time with this range. Since its only slightly larger than actual size, it doesn’t help much to see how someone else has painting these figures. With the exception of the dark red of the wings, I’ve pretty much gone and done something rather different with each. It’s taken me roughly a day each to sort out what I wanted, paint and wait for them to dry. Apart from the initial flesh, and the red on the wings, I painted them one after the other. Painting under and around the rear of each figure got interesting – you have wings, arms, a tail, and the flared skirt (or whatever you call it) that all try to get in the way of a brush. I regularly cleaned an unwanted colour off the tail, and painting the arm-bands/straps was real fun. (Not!)

Both have a nice pose, and are a good sculpt – except for one leg, and the odd head connection on the female. With the latter, the odd neck depression on the succubus looks like it is meant to define part of her top, or be a necklace – at least according to the official painted image. Doing detail with a depression around the neck is odd to me, normally you have raised detail for something like that. (Which is the way the dress straps are done.) At least painted, it doesn’t stand out as odd like I’d thought it was going to.

And that clears a lot of figures, and my tray is reset with Space Marines. With a good chance C-19 lock-down is wound back this afternoon, I may get some more ‘Little Scythe’ figures to paint this week. Either way, I’ve got some stuff that should be fun and not complicated to paint over the next week or so. Hope you are all coping with life where you are!

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