My Little Scythe #3 – Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

“Tiger Seekers are not only master bakers, but excellent marksmen in the kingdom’s official sport of pie throwing.”

Two more figures painted for the board game “My Little Scythe”, and the last four (bears and wolves) are ready to start.

The paint guide showed greys and white for their clothes, which I started with, but quickly gave up as boring and decided on a much more colourful palette. I think this has worked out much better. (Aside: Also, my wife doesn’t like me painting these figures with white, she thinks it looks like I didn’t paint that part.)

The paint guide shows a few horizontal lines on the side of their faces and arms. Looking at the figures, particularly the “mane of hair”, I would suggest they should be lions. I looked at some tiger photos, and went with lots of thinner markings on arms and their back. I considered painted their faces too, but it would be a bit too much detail. I did paint whiskers, sat back and then cleaned them off again. Their noses were originally pink, like a real tiger, but it didn’t stand out against the yellow and ornage, so a bit of ink to darken that. The white around the mouth is also based on real tigers.

The only thing I’ve decided (after spray varnish of course) is that the stripes should have been a bit darker. Reflection in the images makes the lines seem a bit lighter than they actually are, but I’m not completely satisfied, particularly with the guy on the right.


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