Some simple pillars

This is my last painting work of 2020 – finished on the 30th Dec. Four simple terrain pieces for use in a variety of games I run.

My mega-dungeon has had a number of chambers with various stone pillars or blocks, and there are more my players haven’t encountered. So far, they have most often been represented on the table-top by something like a d6. I decided that it should be easy to come up with something that looked the part and could stand in whether the actually block/pillar is a simple square block of stone, or an ornate tapering 4′ high stone pillar.

Each of these is simply a bunch of 20mm square bases glued together with a bit of shaped acrylic sealant on top. Bits of flocking on the edges has been painted like moss. There’s a bit more sealant used in between the bases which both helps hold them together and gives them a little bit of weight. (Figure just for scale.) They aren’t anything remarkable, but they fulfill their purpose.

It’s just into 2021 as I post this, so Happy New Year! Hopefully, this year is a better one for everyone than the last. Best wishes to you all.


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