Long distance miniatures…

I had a very nice surprise when I returned home from a very busy and annoying day at work today – there was a parcel waiting for me from the UK with miniatures!

Last month when sorting out Skaven to paint, I found a number of other figures that I didn’t really have a use for. Throwing them out is always a last resort, something I usually only do if a figure is a damaged or really bad sculpt. I didn’t want to try and sell them on eBay either, where covering postage and dealing with eBay/Paypal’s fees might not really make me any money assuming the figures are something someone might want. I had three squigs and a pair of goblin handlers, and I knew one of the bloggers I follow had painted night goblins. I quick look back soon clarified which of the couple of people my memory suggested.

After a short discussion, and some packaging, they were soon sent to Subadai (The Lost and the Damned) – who conveniently has just got back to painting squigs and night goblins! He offered to send some minis to me. So I now have five undead figures. One matches a set of three skeletons I already have (lower right) and will soon be painted up to go with them. The others look fun to do, and I’m getting ideas for using others. The last few likely join my other unpainted undead for the next time I’m looking for something to paint.

2021-04-07 Minis

This whole idea of swapping minis would be something I’d love to do regularly with the various bloggers I follow online… except that postage charges overseas, even for 100gm of tiny metal figures turns out to be rather expensive. Where once I could have got away with a “letter” my rather flat padded bag was automatically classed as a parcel and cost me nearly four times the letter price. I wouldn’t be surprised if both myself and Subedai spent more on postage now than we had on the figures originally.

I have a dwarf to mail off to Azazel when I can get to the post office, but at least he’s just on the other side of the same city as me!

Still, Subadai – thank you very much for a fun exchange! May we both have more fun painting, and fond memories when we look at these figures in the future.


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