Almost Nothing to report…

It feels like a long time since I posted anything, and I don’t really want to look at how long its really been. It’s been a case of ‘Life’ being more important than my hobbies… August has been very busy at work, and all my novels, RPG stuff, figures and painting materials are all in boxes as my wife and I are moving to a new house. We should have the move over this weekend, and I can start unpacking!

I have a half dozen figures primed & ready to paint, a few series of novels now complete that I really want to read, and RPG work to continue. It will also be nice doing all this in a slightly larger house, with more natural light in a quieter street.

So I’m looking forward to everything being a new normal and having friends round to do some gaming! Roll on September…


2 thoughts on “Almost Nothing to report…

  1. Well, I won’t be squashed into a small study any more which is an improvement (computer & painting) and I’ll have more bookcase space for my novels, figures and painting materials. My wife is taking over the main bedroom as a sewing room, so I could say that the lounge is my space! More room is always better regardless of what you do in life.

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