This guy is probably a very appropriate mini considering Christmas and New Years just past. He was completed on the Christmas weekend, but he’s only been taken outside this morning for a varnish where the bright sun and 30 degree heat (celcius) probably won’t do his hangover any good.

I was looking through mini boxes for some other figures and found him mixed in with painted figures that were being used in a D&D campaign run by a mate a few years back. He got my attention over the other three figures (started but not finished) on my desk.

I’ve done a bit of searching but can’t work out the manufacturer or anything on this specific dwarf. When he was chosen as a character to play, I filed the base flat taking off all the interesting things like names and dates. I’m sure that I’ve had him for at least thirty years… so he should be 1980’s, or early 90s. One piece metal with a round base. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a Citadel Bugman’s dwarf, but he’s not cluttered with detail like I expect from most of their figures and should also be slotta-base. I’m guessing Ral Partha.

Painting was fairly easy, and straightforward and not fussy like the two soldier figures I’m still working on. To give him more balance on the table top, the original base is glued to a 25mm thin round, with a little bit of extra stone decoration. I like the figure, and he certainly looks much better painted than as dull metal. This is very likely the only figure I have holding something as simple as a tankard, and not some weapon or magical device, etc.

Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. Nice work and Happy New Year! That’s definitely not a Citadel Dwarf. It reminds me in it’s style of a range of Australian made, not-Warhammer minis from the early-mid 90s. No idea of their company name, but I got a few Orks and Skaven from Mind Games back when the minis were at the back of the ground floor. They came in a baggies with a stapled card fold over at the top for model id and peg holding. Not sure if this rings any bells…

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    • That could be it. I’m quite sure I did buy a few figures in that format and I certainly visited Mind Games a lot. Thanks and Happy New Year. I hope you get a full month to relax now without thinking of work!


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