2023: Into a ninth year of blogging

Another year over, and a week into the New Year. Covid certainly made a difference to most of my hobbies (and everyone else’s) though the last month or two have felt a lot more “normal” than things have been for the last two years.

So what was 2022 for me?

Painting: My total for 2022 was 8 figures, and some assembly (minimal painting) on 12 plants. This is way down on past years, but I’ve nearly painted every single unpainted figure that I own. Unless I bought a lot more, I was never going to exceed 2021’s total of 81 figures. There are exceptions: I do have unpainted walkers, fatties, and runners for Zombicide, and  there’s orcs and gretchen in Space Crusade. If I’m desperate to paint something I could start those!

Gaming/RPG’s: My gaming group hasn’t returned to my Fals’Krag mega-dungeon, but we did manage to get nearly everyone together and play a one-shot Call of Cthulhu based on Gilligan’s Island, and another night a Shadowrun one-shot based on the “Olympus has Fallen” movie set in Canberra’s Parliament House. There’s been about half the group available on other weekends and we’ve played board games – notably Lord of the Rings Risk (twice – team play is really good), and a New Year’s Eve of Zombicide: Black Plague.

Board Games: We’ve played a bunch of other board game’s with one mate (this started with Covid restrictions on the number of people together, and how far you could travel) – those have mostly been Alhambra, Kingdom Builder, and different versions of Ticket to Ride.

Computer Games: I’ve been playing a lot of Lord of the Rings online, some World of Warcraft, occassional World of Tanks, and a fair run late in the year with Freelancer. Freelancer’s single player game is something I run through every few years, this time I found a HD version to update the graphics.

Other Stuff: I’ve been reading a lot! I’ve spend lots of spare time writing one-shot RPG games for different systems that my group may not have played before. I’ve combat-mapped a large area ready for Fals’Krag, and need to finish detailing what’s in those locations. My wife and I moved house and cleaned up the old house to sell. It didn’t sell, so there’s been preparation for it to now be leased. All of this, and both setting up the new house, fixing things, gardening, building chicken housing, etc have taken months. My work has stayed very busy all year, and though I keep considering retirement, while I’m happy to keep working I will.

Plans for 2023:

I have three figures on my painting desk to finish. I have thirteen Citadel beastmen that I think are worth doing. Then its probably time to dig through all my figure boxes to see what I might have missed. I have more plants to work on, similar to the previous set and I’m considering some trees or bigger plants. It might be a good year to actually build some proper terrain – walls and basic ruined buildings.

The next RPG is likely to be a one-shot Conan adventure (using Conan d20 rules), but I expect that we’ll restart Fals’Krag this year, and play one-shot’s when a few players are not available. I hope to finish three other one-shot adventures: Battlestar Galactica and Star Gate (using StarGate 5E rules) and one Eclipse Phase adventure. All these needs maps before I can finish adventure detail.

I’m reading through my collection of Barbara Hambly books now, then I have a fair number of trilogies to read (for the first time!), having purchased the missing book/s last year. I’ll continue playing LotRo on the computer, and I was gifted Rome: Total War for Christmas so that will be something new in the near future.

Final image: These are my bookcases set up for painting, gaming and most of my collection of dragons. The first is next to my computer/painting desk, the other (only 30cm away) is next to our large dining table where we play games. This is much better than stuff in boxes and multiple bookcases, in different rooms, that I had before we moved house. There are a few more board games on top of another bookcase in the lounge. The green bag is my travelling bag – it has a large figure box to hold whatever figures, terrain, etc that I’ll need for a RPG, and smaller boxes with tokens, dice, dice-tower, cards, maps, PC miniatures, etc.


5 thoughts on “2023: Into a ninth year of blogging

  1. Nice write-up and collection shelves! 🙂 Sounds like you might need to start in on those Zombicide models. It’s been pretty cool over here to see just how the game really is that much more fun with painted models improving the aesthetic on the table.

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    • It’s tempting… Having the walkers, runners and fatties unpainted makes them a lot easier to pick out from the bosses and players on the board. Painting everything will look good, but do you get confused picking the different figures out when there’s a lot on the board?
      I would like to paint my NPC’s though. I’ve considered a light base coat on the walkers and using a wash to shade them – this would pick out detail without having to do all 40 walkers. Perhaps a subdued basic paint for runners and fatties. I really don’t think I have the patience for a complete paint job on 108 figures!


  2. Nine years is excellent! I hope to one day hit that milestone though I think I’m 5 or so years from it. I’m glad to hear someone else out there plays LOTRO. I play with my brother on the weekends and we really enjoy it! Which class do you play and what server? I’m a level 70ish Burglar on Brandywine.

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    • I can’t believe you’ve only be going such a short time! I thought you’d been doing this much longer.
      I started at the time a few mates did, but they rarely logon now. I’m on Arkenstone. My main Lotro character is a 106 Elf Hunter, I have a low level Dwarf Champion who is mostly just for crafting, and a 25 Human RuneKeeper who I created for crafting, but I’m enjoying the class!

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      • I appreciate that! I’ve heard Arkenstone is a great server with a high player base. My server has a lot of Russians on it but all in all, its not bad. That is impressive! I’ve been exploring Dunland lately but I look forward to seeing some of the later zones like Mordor when I finally get leveled up enough.


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