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This page should serve a number of purposes.

The main one is to make available a collection of materials for download that I have created for various games. I’m very happy to share them with other people. As I check through my files I’ll locate and make more material available, as well as add ongoing projects as they are completed. Feel free to use the information as it is, or to modify it to suit your own games.

The lesser is a list of links to sites that I have found valuable.

AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Homebrew

I’ve done a homebrew version of AD&D that keeps the classes from Unearthed Arcana, but adds or uses some of the rules introduced from AD&D 2nd edition. These files mostly define what I’m using. If they don’t have a full description of a power/ability/whatever, then I’m using whatever appeared in AD&D, or the book referenced. (Last edit 1/5/22)

1. Ability Scores – Slightly simplified & modified tables with expanded thief/acrobat adjustments.

2. Races – Full Race abilities and bonuses. (Greyhawk based)

3. Class – Full Class abilities and bonuses.

4. Saving Throws – An expanded/streamlined table of all saving throws.

5. General Rules – Detail on what rules are changed or added to the basic AD&D rules.

D&D d20 (Dungeons & Dragons) 3.X/PF

Greyhawk_Birthplace – Determines a characters country of birth based on their race. Based on the tables from the 1983 World of Greyhawk Glossography, this one has been compiled using population figures from the 2000 Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. Since my campaigns are mostly based in the western and central Flanaess, this table does not include the Great Kingdom nor a few of the other countries in the east. (PDF)

D&D_Condition_Cards – 32 Cards for D&D (3.5 and Pathfinder) that detail various “conditions” or effects on Characters. (PDF)

D&D_Condition_Cards– Same as above in MS Word format. Copy and paste to duplicate cards or add your own.

D&D_Spell_Cards – Assortment of spell cards, in the same format as the condition cards. 15 spells and 7 bard performances. (PDF)

D&D_Spell_Cards – Spell Cards in MS Word format. Copy and paste to duplicate cards or add your own.

Pathfinder Greyhawk Setting for Hero Lab – Not a direct download! If you want access to my Greyhawk Setting for HL PF you can setup a Secondary URL in HL so that you can download through the HL Updates: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a31fjw402pzqhy3/updates.xml?dl=1

Note: If you use a separate game folder from the standard Pathfinder one, you will need to change the update folder location when you load this.
This file includes: 114 WoG Deities (7 Baklunish, 10 Flan, 21 Oeridian, 0 Olman, 18 Suloise, 17 General, 8 Dwarven, 11 Elven, 6 Gnomish, 6 Halfling, 6 Humanoid, 5 Orcish), 27 Greyhawk languages, 24 Cleric Domains (from 3.5, to support the Deities) , Spells: multiple spells from 3.5 to support the Domains, 11 spells from ‘Iuz the Evil’. Player Races: High Elf, Gray Elf, Wood Elf, 6 Human Ethnicities (Baklunish, Flan, Oeridian, Olman, Rhennee, Suloise). NPC/Monster Races: Valley Elf, Wild Elf, Aspis (cow, drone, larva), Beastman, Booka, Camprat, Crystalmist, Dire Raven, Giant Raven, Horgar, Hook Horror, Ingundi, Mist Wolf, Needleman, Norker, Slow Shadow (2 versions), Son of Kyuss, Soul beckoner, Swordwraith (template), Tyrg, Vampire Cactus, Vampiric Mist, Xvart.

New Users: I advise you open PF in HL, and choose “Duplicate Game System” on the Tools menu. Name your new system something like “PF Greyhawk” and install this to that folder location. This keeps your Greyhawk Campaign separate from any Golarion campaign you may have and you can configure each separately.

Conan d20 Adventure. A rewrite of TSR’s RS1 Red Sonja Unconquered as a one session adventure. For 5-7 players, 6th level. The Conan RPG is not required for run to this. The play changes from normal d20 are explained. Could be converted to standard d20 or Pathfinder. Player Map for final area.

Conan d20 Characters. 7 characters designed with the Conan d20 RPG. Includes a roster and spell sheet. Feat & class abilities are described. The characters are based on those from the Schwarzenegger movies. Created to use with the adventure above.

M.E.R.P. (Middle Earth Role Playing)

MERP 2nd Char Sheet – This is the ICE 2nd Edition character sheet for MERP. (PDF)

MERP A4 Char Sheet – This is my modified 2nd edition version. Demeanour and Motivation removed, more space for Personality and Special Abilities. Two more language slots, space for RR adjustments and base Speed. (PDF)

MERP Char Sheet Equip – This is an additional A4 page for the MERP Character Sheet designed to record weapons and armour in detail, magical items, general equipment, etc. (MS Word)

MERP Race details – This is a racial summary (from the rulebook) for the subset of player races for my MERP games. I’ve added starting ages, and a table to determine height and weight. This table would be easily expanded to include races of men that I didn’t include. (MS Word)

MERP Equipment – These are my equipment, goods and services tables for MERP, expanded using Rolemaster. Fumble chances for weapons slightly reduced from base rules. (MS Word)


Gamma World 4.5 d20 – Tarmor Rules – A custom conversion of Gamma World 4th edition to the D&D/Pathfinder d20 system. Note: This is an abbreviated set of rules, since original material is copyright. Skill, Talent and Feat descriptions have only been included where they don’t exist in published material.


Greyhawk Maps – If you haven’t seen Anna Meyer’s cartography, then you have to look at her site.

DungeonFog – A good web-based program to generate maps. This can be basic or get quite advanced. Lots of assets/tokens. Good demo videos and a Discord channel. The free version only allows 3 maps stored online, but they can have multiple levels.

Dungeon Scrawl – A web-based program, simpler than DungeonFog. Variety of wall and background options. Saves to your machine!

Mipui – Another simple online mapping program. This one is great for buildings and can also make maps in the style of 1st/2nd edition AD&D.

Hextml – A hex based map maker. I haven’t used this yet, but looks good.

RPG Resources