Painting – The early Dwarf catches the Worm?

Or vice versa, depending on the size of the worm in question! These are both recently obtained Reaper figures that I painted. I finished the worm about two weeks ago, but I was waiting for some bases to arrive so I could set it up the way that I wanted.


The Reaper Bones “Great Worm” was a fairly easy paint. I’ll use it as a huge Purple Worm for D&D/Pathfinder, making it a slightly smaller version of the standard D&D worm. This approx 70mm high figure has been set on a 75mm base, whereas the “proper” scale would be on a 100mm base and “stand” (should that be ‘tower’) at the same height, if not more. I suppose Goremaw is what I want for a more accurate size, but that would have cost me at least another US$22. In any case, I’m very happy with this and my players don’t want to see it on the game table for a long time!



The dwarven monk is a metal Reaper “Dark Heaven Legends” figure named “Burl Oakfist”. I really like the sculpt/pose, even if I had to glue on the outstretched arm. (I prefer single piece figures.) It was fun to paint, and done expressly to use in my current FalsKrag campaign for one of the players. The brown ink I used to darken the flesh skin tones looks a bit mottled close up under good light – but much more uniform under normal light or typical gaming conditions. There are touches of orange in the beard that haven’t come out in the photography too.

“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit!”

Having this finished means I now only need an owl to have all the PC’s in my game properly represented. No-one’s actually playing an avian – my wife’s hunter has an owl companion, currently represented by an unpainted Warhammer Quest bat.