Bored Wizards and busy people

Barak, the Cleric/Wizard comes down to land on the the ground (courtesy of his over-land flight spell), while Altaic (his weasel familiar) does mid-air somersaults. “Show-off” he mutters. He continues flipping through his infinite scroll-case. “Hmm, an enlarge spell,” he mutters and looks around. Nearby is Fayed, with her owl familiar flying in to land on her shoulder. “What if…”

Enlarging an Owl familiar about to land!

I got some new D&D miniatures this week, and the Celestial Giant Owl was a LOT bigger than I’d been expecting. A few of the figures have nice detail but very average paint schemes – so two hobgoblin sorcerers are going to get some extra paint and I have a second large Earth Elemental now. Both elementals show the same slight gap between joins across their back and I’ve filled that and plan to give them both a paint touch-up to improve their look too!

This is the first painting I’ve done in weeks – I still have six goblins/orcs to finish in my Lord of the Rings painting project but they will be sitting on the desk for a bit longer. I haven’t felt like painting for a while. I have been busy with a bit of World of Warcaft, converting a 2nd edition D&D Adventure (that I wrote a long time ago) into d20 3.5 edition, and some cleaning up of monsters I’ve coded for HeroLab… and reading a bunch of graphic novels (all DC Universe).

My HeroLab coding is going to good use… I’ve submitted some of the creatures to the HeroLab d20 community for release with their next update and still have a bunch more to check and submit. This should mean at least 20 monsters in the next update that weren’t available previously. Also, the satisfaction that this is my work available for other D&D players to use.

Neither of my D&D groups have played for a while, but hopefully there will be a few sessions next month. I have a very large sheet of card that I need to grid out in inches – one side will be a large mat ready for general use, while the other side is specifically going to be drawn up in the (almost final) major encounter chamber for Expedition to the DemonWeb Pits. I had hoped to do the chamber to full scale, but then we’d have to play on the floor because a 160′ x 230′ room (scaled 5 feet to 1 inch) would fit on my table, but would not leave any room for books or character sheets! I think I’ll have to bring it down to about 3/4’s of full size. Once done and set-up for gaming I must remember to take photo’s with all the miniatures in play.