Painting update…

A second painting afternoon has re-based my plastic minotaurs and touched them all up to a very pleasant finish.


The one that looked a shade orange is centre rear – he’s got a better overall skin colour now!

I also got a start on two mummies and “the luggage” from Discworld. If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett, then you’ll know what I mean – this 18mm high metal miniature has been sitting on my car dashboard for at least ten years. I’ll be very happy to put it back in full colour!

Painting 6 – Not a maze in sight…

Last week’s painting afternoon produced one excellent Minotaur. He’s a metal Games Workshop figure and almost entirely painted by Azazel. I followed this up over the weekend by copying his technique and doing three plastic GW Minotaurs – from the “Warhammer Quest” board game.


Unfortunately, the plastic figures don’t have the same level of detail. I don’t play Warhammer Quest any more, and the metal figure has always been my choice if I want a Minotaur figure for anything else (usually D&D), so I like that fact that he looks professionally painted. Touch-ups tomorrow to finish him off as well as any suggestions Azazel has for the others.












I still can’t get consistent lighting when I’m taking photo’s, so one Minotaur looks “orange” when he’s really a reddish-brown. There’s also a lot of reflection of the plastic figures – their flesh looks a bit blotchy in some of the pictures. Their base coat didn’t go on evenly, so I’ll have to pay more attention to that and make sure my paint’s not too thick/thin when I apply it. (But it’s not as bad as the pictures make it seem.)