Painting 7 – The Mummy’s curse

“Even now the fearful eyes of that hideous Mummy seem to glare upon me; and even now I feel the gripe of its horrid bony fingers on my arm!”
The mummy’s eyes still pursued him with their ghastly brightness; they seemed to possess the fabled fascination of those of the rattle-snake, and though he shrank from their gaze, they still glared horribly upon him.
– Quotes from The Mummy, Jane C. Loudon, 1827.


I had fun with these two. They are plastic Games Workshop figures from Hero Quest. I much prefer them to my D&D pre-painted mummy figures, because they have a more solid look – the D&D mini’s are very “thin”. These were started on my second painting day with Azazel, who had demonstrated a dry-brushing method for applying “wear” to figures/clothes. This was a perfect effect for the mummies bandages.

They’d been spray primed in white and got a mustardy brown-yellow base coat. Then a “bone” dry brush to lighten the bandages and make them distinct from the base coat. This looked really good. A dark sand textured paint went over the bases. (I later added a little yellow ochre in splotches and edging.)

This weekend I mixed some flesh, grey and a hint of green for the skin areas(face, shoulder, hand, toes). A bit of viridian (green) over the eyes and later some fluro green over that. Then they got a wash with soft tone (Army Painter, light brown Ink) to pick out bandages. it hasn’t hidden all the yellow which I happy with. I’ve done red eyes on so many undead previously and wanted a change. The green has come up nicely.


HISTORICAL NOTE: Egyptian mythology has NO animated mummies. This sort of horror came from Victorian/Edwardian England and started with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) and Jane Loudon’s The Mummy! (1827).