Painted figures for February

I completed these four a couple of weeks ago, but only gave them a spray varnish last weekend. Then today I finally got around to some photography.

From left to right I have: a Reaper Bones #77171 Stone Golem, a Ral Partha SW74 Wookie, a pair of Citadel Snotlings and an “UnReal” tree. The wookiee (counting the base) stands 35mm high – so you have an idea of scale.

The Golem was a recent purchase. I was planning to paint it up as an Ice Golem, but the figure is larger than I was expecting and now he’ll be used as a statue or golem as required.

The Wookie is from the West End Games Star Wars “Rebel Characters” set produced in 1989. He’s been sitting around for a while (like the other 13 figures) waiting to be painted and I thought he’d be fairly quick/easy to do since the bulk of the figure is one colour. I experimented with some lighter dry-brushing in places on his fur. I didn’t get the effect I really wanted – distinct lighter patches on the face, arms and legs. It looks slightly better in the image than in RL, unless you have a good light on it. I don’t feel like going back to it again, so it’ll do.

The snotlings were originally extra bits (for decoration) on a sprue of either dark elves, beast man or another chaos force – I really don’t remember. When a group of us were regularly playing Warhammer Quest, one of the guys choose to play a “Snotling Pair” character – a player created character than I had turned up on the ‘net. I dug out these two and glued them onto a base together. They’ve been around since (I think) 2011 and I undercoated them early 2016. They really should have been finished a long time ago, even though they may never be used for anything again!

I work for a company that sells artificial plants and hedging. I’ve been collecting some of the small bits that fall off panels with the aim of making plant miniatures. This is the second – ideal for Gamma World, or just any time I want a tree. It’s a lot nicer than dropping a token on the board and saying “that’s a tree”. It took a little bit of work – a short bit of plastic tubing to give it a solid trunk that I could fit into a hole in the base, then some silicon roots and a bit of paint. The green leaves are the original plastic. I could happily mass produce a few of these – a dozen would be great. If I trim the lowest layer of “branches” I probably can fit the piece straight into a base.

As well as finishing these, I have spent a fair bit of time recently on my dozen kobolds. They should be finished in the next few days. I’ll need them for my FalsKrag D&D Campaign at some point in the next few months!