Tarmor – Behind the Dragons:

About me…

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m warehouse admin for a company that deals in artificial plants and hedging. I read, write, play games and sing. I’m married with two four one four chickens. [Yes, chickens! They not only eat half of what I’d normally throw out, but they lay eggs, put themselves to bed when the sun sets, and don’t need amusing or supervision.]

I’m a gamer – I play (will play, or have played) nearly any games, be it computer-based, board-game, card-game, RPG (role-playing game) or whatever. I’ve been reading, playing cards and board games since a small child. I discovered D&D in 1980 at High School and expanded to many other RPG’s at University.

I enjoy reading and watching movies. My preferences follow mostly Fantasy & Sci-Fi themes. I started writing a fantasy novel at the end of high school/start of university and every few years go back to it and write, rewrite and do more world-building. If I didn’t work full time, and run as much D&D, I should have finished it by now!

“Tarmor” is short for Tarmornalomea – that’s Quenya (LotR) and a name I use mostly online. There was a period at university where I could read and write in both Tengwar and Cirth. I’ve been a huge Lord of the Rings fan since High School too!

“Dragons of Lancasm” is also the name of my World of Warcraft guild. I’m on the Uther server.

What games do I play?

Currently – ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ RPG (Pathfinder), Lord of the Rings Online, Diablo 3, World of Tanks, and a varied scattering of other board, card and computer games. Zombicide: Black Plague has been a favourite since the beginning of 2016, but has recently been overtaken (2020+) by Ticket-to-Ride and Kingdom Builder.

I also write adventures (primarily for D&D), wrote (and ran) a Play-by-email fantasy game, and I’ve written my own d20 version of the Gamma World RPG (combining elements from mostly 4th and 6th editions). I’ve created Hero Lab files for Gamma World and Greyhawk.

What have I played? (or still have the game/rulebooks, and expect to play again)

RPG’s – In particular I’ve played all versions of D&D (up to and including 3.5/Pathfinder), Star Wars, M.E.R.P. (Middle Earth Role-Playing), Call of Cthulhu, Champions, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Shadowrun, and Gamma World.

Computer Games – World of Tanks, Lord of the Rings Online. EVE Online, Neverwinter Nights, Warcraft, WoW, Diablo, Starcraft, Portal, Age of Empires, Descent, Dawn of War, Civilization, Titan Quest, Freelancer, Quake, Torchlight (1 & 2), Doom, Alone in the Dark, Nethack…

Table Top Games – Ticket to Ride, Kingdom Builder, Alhambra, Kings of War, Hero Quest, Warhammer Quest, Dungeon Quest, Talisman, Car Wars, The Lonely Mountain, Carcassonne, Sequence…

Card Games – Flux, Munchkin, Chez Geek, Unexploded Cow, Kill/Save Dr Lucky, Mille Bornes, Spellfire, Illuminati, Magic (the gathering), Falling…

and the more traditional card games like 500, Crazy Whist, Canasta, Rummy… etc.

3 thoughts on “Tarmor – Behind the Dragons:

  1. Hi there. GREAT resource with regards to HeroLab and GH and Pathfinder 1ed. However I have a few scripting errors that turn up….Thing rGHaspisdr – Bootstrap thing rInsect does not exist and rGHsoulb – Bootstrap thing raUnAuraUn does not exist…. this is in the Deity module… Are hou ale to help me fix it? Regards Rene


    • The errors are from the Races user file. I’ve used things that already existed in HL and these two unfortunately are from two different files from the Community Pack. At some point I’ll have to recreate them in my files or find a source from the LW that isn’t reliant on the C-Pack. To fix: You either need to download the Community Pack from the HL Forum, or use the editor to go into my RACES.user file (not Deities) and delete the Bootstraps mentioned from both Aspis Drone (stInsect) and Soul Beckoner (raUnAuraUn).


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