FalsKrag Session 33 – Troglodyte Hill

Not a long session of actual gaming. Boris’ player joined us after a long absence, so we had a lot of non-game catch up before we got into what was happening in-game. There was discussion about party resources, about the buildings they could see, and what direction to head. The trog hill was mostly a string of short combats – at the gate, just inside the hill, and then a few as they moved into the tunnels and encountered trogs coming from other parts of the caves to where they were.

= = = = = = = = = = =

(15th Ready’reat) While getting a good look around from the air, Lanliss and Seldrel are attacked by three Gargoyles. The gargoyles dive at them inflicting minor wounds. The pair flee back to the rest of the group, being gored regularly by the Gargoyles keeping pace.

Waiting near the tunnel and stairs, the rest of the group have looked at their surrounds. The ground is rocky in places, with wet marshy areas between. They can see damaged buildings in the distance and realise there are lights on the ceiling of the cavern. Winter notes something approaching. Many thin, dirty, humanoids rise out of the marsh and attack. Merxif identifies them as undead. A melee begins, with one or two struck down before Merxif readies one of his crystal skulls and blasts most of them into dust. The last couple are quickly slain, as Seldrel and Lanliss fly into view. Merxif moves to heal the two once they land, and everyone else engages the gargoyles. Combat on the ground is easier for everyone and the gargoyles are soon killed.

A path through the marsh has been observed heading east towards a palisaded hill at the edge of the lake. As they approach, they sight humanoids that strike a gong on the hill, and others moving behind the stone and timber wall. At a northern gate, they smell the reptilian humanoids on the other side, who tell them to go away. Boris breaks down the gate and the group fight their way into the hill. Only Hardaz is weakened by the troglodyte stench. As they move further into tunnels and caves under the hill, they begin to face more ordinary trogs (fighting with tooth and claw) and a few tougher opponents wearing armour and using weapons. After defeating a giant lizard, a strong trog druid and a tough warrior trog, there is no more resistance. They have not penetrated far into the hill, but have fought just over a score of its inhabitants. There has been a minor pit trap, and wide tunnels and small caves that appear to be guard or meeting rooms.

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