Painting – “Lord of the Rings” project

I’ve been focussed on painting heroes and adventurers over the last few months and I’ve nearly done every such unpainted figure! This is quite an accomplishment in itself, considering how many figures I’ve collected for gaming over the decades.

I’ve got seven figures (mostly Citadel Warhammer) undercoated and ready to paint, but because so many of the figures that I’ve painted or repainted recently included Citadel Lord of the Rings figures – I decided to try and paint ALL of the LotR miniatures that I have. The standard hero figures can wait.

Yesterday I sprayed seven horses and a throne. I’ve never painted horses before, so this will be something new and different. I’m sure that part of today will be looking around the internet at photo’s of real horses. I also have a large oil painting on the wall in the lounge (painted by my father) with pre-WW1 cavalry – that’s a nice inspiration for colours and shading.

These miniatures are, with one exception, from Citadel’s 1985 range. The horses each came with one of the main characters from either the “Fellowship” or another notable figure. The single-piece throne also came with a two-part “Sauron” – basically a empty hooded and cloaked humanoid figure who sat on the throne – very unimpressive. I don’t like multi-part figures now (although I’m better at dealing with them) and a few decades ago I hated them. Sauron was lost (or thrown out) long ago, but I’ve always liked the throne – it’s an imposing, detailed piece of furniture. Painted and based (or “dias”-ed) it should even more worthwhile. The one figure that isn’t Citadel is a 1988 Mithril Miniatures “Angmar troll”. (I note that Mithril is still producing 32mm figures for LotR.)

Suggestions for painting the throne are very welcome! The bulk of it is covered in heads and torsos, interwoven with vines or tendrils. I’m not sure whether to go with shades of grey, or a more fleshly pink/red. Tendrils could be black or green. At the top is a huge eyeball, and what could be a dragon’s head. The rear is bones in a spine-like arrangement.

Throne of Sauron - front

Throne of Sauron – front

Throne – rear

2 thoughts on “Painting – “Lord of the Rings” project

  1. I love the look of that undead horse /jealous. Where is he from?

    Here’s something that might help with the horses:

    Click to access WD199_painting_horses.pdf

    The throne of Sauron… Perhaps a kind of ethereal teal, similar to how I did my spirit hosts
    going into a darker shade around the eye itself. The white painted as a white-hot yellow, with the requisite red iris and black pupil. And Bone for the bone, naturally. 🙂 Or even a greeny black. Perhaps with a marble effect so it look like it’s been carved, like Sho3box’ diorama.

    Damn. I want to paint it myself now.

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