Painting 7 – The Mummy’s curse

“Even now the fearful eyes of that hideous Mummy seem to glare upon me; and even now I feel the gripe of its horrid bony fingers on my arm!”
The mummy’s eyes still pursued him with their ghastly brightness; they seemed to possess the fabled fascination of those of the rattle-snake, and though he shrank from their gaze, they still glared horribly upon him.
– Quotes from The Mummy, Jane C. Loudon, 1827.


I had fun with these two. They are plastic Games Workshop figures from Hero Quest. I much prefer them to my D&D pre-painted mummy figures, because they have a more solid look – the D&D mini’s are very “thin”. These were started on my second painting day with Azazel, who had demonstrated a dry-brushing method for applying “wear” to figures/clothes. This was a perfect effect for the mummies bandages.

They’d been spray primed in white and got a mustardy brown-yellow base coat. Then a “bone” dry brush to lighten the bandages and make them distinct from the base coat. This looked really good. A dark sand textured paint went over the bases. (I later added a little yellow ochre in splotches and edging.)

This weekend I mixed some flesh, grey and a hint of green for the skin areas(face, shoulder, hand, toes). A bit of viridian (green) over the eyes and later some fluro green over that. Then they got a wash with soft tone (Army Painter, light brown Ink) to pick out bandages. it hasn’t hidden all the yellow which I happy with. I’ve done red eyes on so many undead previously and wanted a change. The green has come up nicely.


HISTORICAL NOTE: Egyptian mythology has NO animated mummies. This sort of horror came from Victorian/Edwardian England and started with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) and Jane Loudon’s The Mummy! (1827).


4 thoughts on “Painting 7 – The Mummy’s curse

  1. A very nice set of miniatures. You achieved good contrast between the different layers of fabric and painting the skin in a blueish hue is a good idea,too. Makes them look more amgical/mythical, than just a rotten/dry skin colour.


    • The grey in my “flesh mix” certainly dominates, and looks slightly more bluish in the photo than in real life. I considered a darker flesh tone (based on what I’ve seen of actual mummies), but thought that wouldn’t stand out as much from the bandages. I’m very happy with the result.
      “The Lost and the Damned” has an even more blue skin tone (on the same model), and his looks great!


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