Oh the joys of painting!

What’s more fun than painting 48 black pupils in a row on Zombicide Wolfz? Working outside while you wait for the first coat of vanish to dry and then realising as you spray the second coat… that you only have propellant coming out of the can!

Recent changes in my work mean I have much more free time than usual. Given this fact and my aim to paint more figures this year than last year, and playing  a lot of Z:BP over the last two weekends – I decided it was time to paint my 24 Zombicide Black Plague Wolfz, before going back to Star Wars figures. This nearly double the number of figures I’ve painted for 2017.

The weather this afternoon has been great. I finished painting and got the figures all outside to dry. I spent time “gardening”, and had plenty of time for two coats of spray varnish. I’m happy that I had a spare can of clear acrylic. I’m really not sure if the first can ran out before or during my first coat, so I’ll give them another coat tomorrow morning regardless and hope tomorrows showers hold off long enough for me to sit the wolves outside to dry for an hour.

Assuming everything goes well, I’ll take photo’s of the completed minis tomorrow and post again.

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