Zombicide: Black Plague – Cry Wolf!

“Night I left the city, I dreamt of a wolf…

He came from where the winds are cold, And truth is seen through keyholes
…strange longings never sleep, Now he’s come where no hearts beat

Cry wolf – Time to worry
Cry wolf – Time to worry now”

— Cry Wolf, Aha (1986)


I’ve got 24 Wolfz that I’ve wanted to paint for a while, and put to dual use – Zombicide and D&D/Pathfinder. Wolves are commonly encountered in most RPGs and I’ve only had a single wolf mini. As such, I decided to simply paint them as wolves, and not detail the bones/torn flesh that show. I wasn’t concerned about being really fussy about preparing or painting them. (For example: I could have filled the wounds.) They aren’t unique figures like nearly everything else I’ve painted, and as Zombicide game pieces, they are going to get a lot of handling – they can be back and forward between the board and their storage box multiple times in a game.

I collected a few images of wolves when I was going to paint my Wolf Abominations, and found some more before I started the Wolfz. I’m sure every painted/prepainted wolf I’ve seen is grey. In real life wolves are mostly white – with black, grey and a variety of browns across their back. I chose three schemes to work with, building on my usual white undercoat. One (hopefully) would be a realistic colour scheme, and the other two more common colours.


1. Brown wolfz


  1. More white, particular underbelly and legs, then a mix of lighter and darker browns across the back. Brown ink.
  2. Pale grey base coat, a little darker grey across the back. Black ink.
  3. Mid/dark grey base coat, some black mixed with my dark grey, and a little gun-metal across the back. Black ink.


2. Light grey wolfz


Then I went back and retouched paws and underbelly with white on each group, and dry-brushed some white across the fur on the backs on each wolf. I have a dull red flesh colour called “Native American” – I use it a lot for mouths and wounds. They all got a bit of that and a touch of my normal red for tongues. A bright orange for the eyes, black for nose, claws and then a dot in every eye! White on teeth. Red bases make them stand out as individual figures and on the board. They have had two (possibly three) coats of varnish which I realise is a can of gloss, not the matte I prefer. [There’s only a little reflection in most of the photos, with the group shot getting the worst.]


3. Dark grey wolfz


The final results looks good, but only the brown wolves really stand out. After inking – both my “light” grey and “dark” grey wolves look very similar. In any case, they are all finished and they are going to be very nice in game!


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